Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Drum Roll, Please...

And the winner of my first and maybe only ever contest, selected by that trusty online random number selector/generator is the one and only

NUMBER 5: Cory Reese!

Buddy, that CD will be heading your way in the next couple of days! And I am oh, so happy to give it to you. I would like to think I'm somehow adding to your musical genius by adding to your collection. Please let me go on thinking that, 'cause it makes me happy. Yay Cory! And yay everyone, 'cause this has been gosh darn fun. Thanks for playing. We'll probably do it again sometime.

I seriously loved reading everyone's selection -- I knew almost all of them, am excited to listen to the others, and got thinking about the different CD's that have defined times in my own life! The Beatles, Goldfinger, Aida, Garth Brooks, Matchbox 20, and even... sigh... NSync. There. I said it.
Can I get a Woot! Woot!

To conclude this contest, I have decided to share this comment with all of you: it's comment 18 from the contest and from my "favorite boy cousin" (hence the FBC) Paul. He called this morning to make sure I got it before I entered the random number generator. It is hilarious. Enjoy!

Dear FGC this is your FBC. I will be totally honest, this is the second time I have ever checked your blog. Not a lot I know, but that should not count me out for a cd that I already own and deserve a second copy of.
Now I know that a tuesday morning giveaway would have happened in somebody elses world but I am confident that I still have a chance as I imagine you baking some homemade muffins for your beautiful children and just being this amazing homemaker.
I will tell you my favorite cds, counting down from 5-1. I believe this will seal the deal (as if me being your FGC hasnt sealed the deal already)
5.Nsync - No Strings Attached.
I have never seen puppets look so good.
4.Backstreet Boys - Millennium
Has whiteness ever been hotter than this?
3.Michael Jackson - Thriller
I mean it is Halloween, and he did die and who doesnt like a zombie fest on a cover?
2.The Beatles - Please Please Me
The first Album released by the beatles, this started it all. You can never forget about someones roots. You need to always remember where they came from, also them looking down on me from a balcony, so cool!
1.The Beatles - Abbey Road
The last great album ever realeased by the worlds greatest band. Classic Picture Classic Songs and a Classic cousin suck up.
I love you, Paul. I really, really do.


Kimi said...

That is too funny

Tink said...

Woot Woot!! Love Paul's comment! Congrats Cory!

Tamari said...

What!! I didn't win?!...oh well, it was an honor to just be nominated. :)

PS Your FBC is a doll!
PSS Congrats Cory...I guess ;-)

Jen said...

Of course Cory would win. I mean, his life is sooooo devoid of good music. (Not sour grapes, just sayin')

Cory Reese said...

Swwweeeeeeeet! I'll even trade you one of my CDs for it.

I have an idea: I'll copy the music to my computer, then I'll have a contest on my blog so someone else can get it.

We'll have to discuss whether or not you can enter the contest to win your CD back.