Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, F.C.!!!

This here is my favorite cousin, Mary Dawn.
She also answers to F.C., Dawnie, D. Dawn, and Cow Manure, to name a few.
And today is her birthday!
Therefore; one of the greatest days in this world's history.
I love you, Mary Dawn! More then you know. You are not only the greatest I'll-never-reach-your-caliber cousin ever, but you are also one of my very best friends.
Thanks for being you.
Thanks for liking me.
Thanks for being born.
Here are some things the world should know about my F.C.: when we came up with the name "F.C." in late childhood, we thought we were super sneaky and no one would possibly be able to decipher that is stood for Favorite Cousin. We have spent many an hour eating Granny's pickles, or even better, shutting ourselves in Granny's treat closet and thinking we were hilarious. (P.S. Cow Manure can still fit in any closet. Me... not so much. She's really into fitness. What a champ.) My cousin is a worker bee. This can get really annoying, especially if you are of the drone variety. That girl can work! She also has done more for our Grandma then anyone will ever know. I used to be jealous of her greatness, but I'm over that. Now I'm just glad I get to be around her. When we were in the same middle school, she used to call me after school and talk on the phone for a really long time. She used to let me look through her glasses until I got my own, and we both had the nerdiest glasses you'd ever want to see! She says the longest prayers ever. There is simply no out-praying her. I admire her. Once we were wood nymph's together in a ballet production of 'Cinderella.' She can do lots of flip tricks. She likes my husband. And I like her husband. When I went to college, D. Dawn was pretty much my entire source of fun. That girl can have fun. Everyone likes her. If someone doesn't like her, it's because they are doped up on drugs, she is that likable. She serves, she's nice, she's super funny, she's incredibly cute, she's an amazing mom/daughter/granddaughter, she thinks I'm cool, she has a Masters degree and is a stay-at-home Mom so she's amazing, and she's pretty much the darn most likable person ever born.
And I get to call her F.C.
Lucky me.
Happy Birthday, D! I love you!
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Tina Williams said...

Could I please have the fc #2 spot? I never realized how much you two look alike. In this picture you seem to share a lot of the same facial lines . . . and in reality I guess that means that you must look like me as well . . . .

Tink said...

Happy B-Day to Mary Dawn!

Ducksoup said...

reeser what do i even say. that is the nicest tribute i have ever read. can my husband purchase it from you. i really want to pretend my husband thinks i'm as cool as you do. thank you so much. you are actually the best f.c. ever. if i could be more like you, more creative like you, more likeable like you, more spiritual like you, and if i could just be you that'd be perfect. really though. thank you. i feel like a celebrity...only because you are though. i can't believe provident woman reads your blog. okay, actually i can. pretty soon you'll be a guest blogger on pioneer woman. so, i love you and you have totally made my day.

love you most - - as your mom would say.

Wanda said...


I love her too, now!

What a precious birthday post!

FC is awesome! I have a favorite cousin too!

You are so sweet to visit me. I can't get over how blogging brings the greatest people into your life.

Wanda said...


You two are so beautiful!