Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Years Resolution Fulfilled

I am here to report that in a rare show of ... resolution ... I have succeeded in this year's New Year Resolution! Of course, the year isn't out yet, but I am calling it a rousing success.
Last night I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning watching 'Guarding Tess' -- who came up with that ending? I am protesting it -- and 'Peggy Sue Got Married' (there is a Nicolas Cage theme here) in order to wrap Christmas presents. That's right, folks. I needed to wrap Livi's Christmas and birthday presents so I can get them out of my closet and over to my parents house for hiding. Because she is a snoop. A horrible, horrible snoop. The other day I came into my bedroom and found her trying to rip into a Snow White barbie box, only to look up at me innocently and say "Oh, is for my bertday, Mommy? Is for my bertday?"
I should clear things up -- this year, my New Years Resolution -- 'cause I didn't want to hurt myself, but I really did want this to happen: was to do my Christmas and birthday shopping throughout the year so that our November and December budgets could survive. Because if there is one thing the Double B and I love to do, it is give presents. It is our common love language -- we both love to give gifts. The hunt to find the perfect, thoughtful item... the thrill of anticipation when you got something you know your loved one will really like. It's fun to share this mutual love. However, it is not fun to try to recover at the first of the year. So I wanted to change all that.
Plus, we had the nerve to have one child in November, and one in January. I mean, come on, people!
So I have been diligent.
Awesome clearance item or sale, I bought it.
I may have gotten a few raised eyebrows along the way from the Double B, but he's thanking me now!
We are almost done.

I love the spirit of the holidays. My mom and I had a discussion about this coming Christmas -- how it might be lonely and painful, and she doesn't know if she can pull out the Christmas music, even though most years she's already listening to it. Christmas music is kind of my Mom's signature. Christmas music and the apron on from when she worked in the hospital, stirring candy in the kitchen. I hope she can do it. I didn't feel the pull of Mitch Miller and the Gang, either, until two days ago. I was innocently sitting when it hit me -- BOOM! I need Mitch! I need an accordian and a robust choir to warn me that I better watch out 'cause Santa Claus is coming to town!! I need Afterglow to remind me that Christmas is a feeling to treasure. I need Eclipse to make me feel the joy of the Three Kings coming to the Christ child. I need Amy Grant to whisper to my heart what stirrings Mary must have felt in her own soul. I need the peace and healing and stillness that comes in that wonderful season of celebration, the constant reminder that Christ did come.
I need Christmas. We all do.

P.S. Wait. As always, I'm getting a little ahead of myself. It was the Santa Claus wrapping paper -- I can't help it. What I really meant to say is
Scared ya, didn't I.


Ducksoup said...

reeser what i need is you to post about four times a day. i loved your thought that we all need christmas though. i am with you. totally agree. you are too funny though about your halloween joke at the end. livi cracks me up. and way to be a good shopper. i haven't even started.

Tink said...

You're amazing! Please pull me on your band wagon next year! I need someone to hold my hand and make me do it!

Dear Mom,
Be brave. you can do the holidays, you still have so many people to love! We love you!

Tara said...

congratualations. That is a great accomplishment and it really does help. I used to be good at getting things or making them by november so I didn't have to worry about budget, last minute rush, or stress of not having things done in time. Somehow it hasn't happened the last few years and I've lost the spirit of caring. I don't even think about gifts and giving I just try to survive.

katie said...

I always want to do it early, but it doesn't always work out that way. I love the feeling of having it done! I can't wait for Christmas either! It's a great time of year!!