Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Teen Angst Poetry

In a desire to subject you to the ins and outs and throws of Marie-dom (hey, you clicked here. I didn't make you), I have decided to share a selection from my teenage poetry vault. Personally, I'm amazed they haven't all been published and hailed as the next Longfellow, Barret-Browning, or Gibran.
I don't know why I'm doing this, other then to subject you to it. Well, I do.
A: Because it's kinda funny
B: Because it's kinda sweet
C: Because it's kinda pathetic
D: Because I like to force feed you my neurosis
E: Because I was thinking about this person, as I often do.
Things you should know about my teenage (and okay, sporadically current) poetry: I only believe in free-verse, minus the occasional sonnet. Sonnets rock. Second only to free-verse. The Haiku is cool, too. I personally don't like to rhyme. Ever. Hardly ever. Except in a sonnet, and in the proper order. So my poems were never really ready for the masses -- let's just say, I was ahead of my time.
I wrote the following Teen Angst Poem when I was sixteen and my very truest and dearest friend moved far, far away on Judea's plain and left me to the wolves. I now present, for your amusement and also a little bit for your grimace of sympathy ('cause you were once a teenager, too. Admit it.) Teen Angst Poem Numero Uno:


I miss you.
Sometimes I just lie there
   and think --
of your laughter, of the
you have
of just smiling, just smiling!
   And I feel better.
         Just having you there
was one of the most comforting things
         In my life.
Did you know that?
   I love you!
Not passionately,
   and not perfectly!
But I love you because you're my best

Just that.

                        Time will change us.
It's not too often
you find friends like us --
   I'm a girl, you're a boy
and one day --

         We'll have to grow up.
                        And life
will seperate us.

  But this single place in my heart --
will always belong to you.
And there you have it, folks! Your Teen Angst Poetry fix for the day! I know you're anxiously anticipating (I love a little assonance) the next installment! Being a teenager is the best/worst right? Everything is just so darn heightened. I never gave this poem to my best and dearest friend. But I should have. 'Cause I've learned positive feelings should never go unexpressed. Even positive, extremely dramatic, 16-year-old feelings. And It really was true. I still miss my buddy.

So, Nicky, wherever you are in this universe -- Thanks for being the truest and most generous friend I have ever had. Love you forever, Sophie.

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Jen said...

I feel it, girl. I feel it.

Don't forget to come to my house to eat crackers and talk about a book tomorrow night at 7 if humanly possible.