Monday, November 16, 2009

Gee Willacker

For reasons as yet not understood, about six months ago I allowed myself to be photographed by my sister Trina while... freestyling. We all do it -- freestyle, I mean. (At least I think we all do it.) I did it so that she could play with the shutter on her new camera, and also because she asked me to and it made her laugh pretty hard. And also because I will do pretty much anything. It's a defect I have.

I realized something yesterday, and it is this:

There is just no excuse for me. None.

I've just always been this way.
Let's call it a propensity to not care enough about what others might think.
Can we call it a problem with impulse control?
But dangit, when the mood strikes to shake my groove thing, I just gotta shake it! Plus, I had to learn to deal with this aspect of myself a long time ago. And in fact, I am pretty glad I'll get up and dance rather then just sit in my chair and wish I could dance, or much worse -- sit in my chair and pity the people dancing. Girls just wanna have fun, you know?
Let's still be friends.
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Paulette said...

EVERYONE has to shake their groove thing every once in a while. It would be a sad world indeed if no one did.:) I love it! You are cool and awesome and groovy! I'm glad Trina took the pictures so I could see it! Thanks for sharing! I'll have to shake my groove thing today in honor of you.:)

Emily said...

Maybe one day if we ever see eachother again, we can shake our groove things together...or not. I really don't dance in front of anyone but my kids. So I'll just watch you. Love the pics, though!

Tink said...

ha ha ha. ha ha ha! I just can't stop laughing! Those pictures STILL make me laugh! Thanks for humoring me! :-)

katie said...

I agree! I love to dance and life would be so boring if we didn't!!!

Cory Reese said...

We should not care enough about what others think more often. That makes life happy.

I also believe that this philosophy could have led to the creation of The Mullet.