Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It's November 2nd... Go Buy Your Christmas Lights!

Yesterday afternoon we went to Wal-Mart so that we could buy this years addition to the Christmas light collection. That's right, folks... Christmas lights. The Double B called from work and said when he got home we were all getting in the car and going to get lights for our rose bushes. And then... we were going to put them on. That, or put up the Christmas tree. Well, hmmm.... since I do have some say, I said "Heck, no!" to the Christmas tree, but since the outside of the house is his... I let him do as he pleases. The Double B loves Christmas. There has only been one year when we didn't have our lights up by November 15th. But November 2nd? Okay, buddy... whatever you say. Whatever you say.
To remind us all that it's not quite the season yet, I give you our Halloween pictures.

Here she is, folks! Tinkerbell.

I know, I know. It's so adorable it almost hurts, doesn't it.

And her partner, Peter Pan!

I am being honest here: I did not manipulate my children's costume choices. I swear. Liv decided to be Tinkerbell and Kaje chose Peter Pan not long after. It'll probably be our only matchy-matchy year, so I savored it for all it was worth!
Here's the neighborhood:

And the mad dash to go Trick-or-Treating! It was awesome! There's this one neighborhood in town that basically everyone goes to. They block off their streets and are lit up with music playing... it's awesome. A friend of mine says she knows a lady there who spends $200 on Halloween candy. Scary!!!

Porter and Aunt Trina follow behind... cluck, cluck, buddy!
I know what you're thinking... how do I make such cute nieces and nephews? It's a talent, folks. It's a talent.

Livi handling the runny nose. I don't know why, but I think it's cute. She was really funny Trick-or-Treating. If she didn't like the candy, she'd fuss until I took it out of her basket. She essentially ended up with taffy and suckers, leaving the good stuff for me. Thanks, Liv!

Waiting for Grandma and Grandpa to come to the door!

Kaje listening to the incredibly intense "Halloween-y" story, as told by Grandma.

I love Halloween. I love friends. I love family. I love warm weather. I love Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. Amen.


Simmons Family said...

Looks like they had a lot of fun there!! What cute kids you have :)

katie said...

They looked so cute! I love that they were matchy!! They are growing up so fast!!!

Tara said...

very cute! glad everyone had fun.

RoseAnna said...

Okay...you have the cutest kids ever. I'm so sorry about the blog mix-up and I'm so glad we are friends and I'm so glad we worked out all of our problems and I have decided to keep my problems to myself because as soon as I voice my concern, things just magically work out and then I'm left feeling very stupid and I'm going for the record of having the longest run-on sentence in blog hisory and your kids are cute and I love you. Amen.

Ducksoup said...

i have seriously been waiting for this post for three days now. i am glad you pulled threw. and next week i am hoping to have a post for you. just need to clean my house and move in first. sorry, i am not a very good multitasker. the pics of livi are hilarious. love the matchy costumes. they are so cute. think they should just be tink and peter pan every year. well looks like your halloween was a success. the christmas light thing makes me laugh. ben, he is awesome. love yah rie!

Tamari said...

The kids look so amazing! Ivy was Tinkerbell too! It is the year of the fairy! Great pictures! Miss you!! We need to get together soon...

Tink said...

So cute. That was the funnest halloween ever!