Sunday, November 15, 2009

Seriously, It's A Real Question

What happens when everyone in your house is asleep, you already ate the orange, you read a blog that was so funny you realize you should just quit public life now and go into seclusion, and the words to 'Honesty' by one Mr. Billy Joel are dramatically screaming through your head?

Please let me know when you come up with an adequate answer.


Kimi said...

Was it my blog? KIDDING... No seriously was it? Fine really I am kidding. I think you should just keep on keepin on...because it is early and that is the only advice my morning mush brain can come up with :)

Emily said...

I say you grab a microphone, or hairbrush or anything else handy, break out singing (as loud as your "quiet voice" can be) and start dancing like you're mad!

Or...maybe...just join the rest and go to sleep.

I am a silly cow. :p said...

I would keep on being you, darlin' never know who needs you and your wisdom or humor at that moment!

The reason I say this is...I got an unexpected email today from someone saying that I inspire them...when, I don't think I am very inspirational at all!