Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sunday School on Saturday

This afternoon I was being a lazy bum, laying on my bed and reading, enjoying the thunder. Livi walked in at that moment, carrying the Book of Mormon I read out of right now. She said "Mommy, you want me to read you Book of Mormon?" Of course, I said "Of course!" and she held it open, mumbling as she 'read,' then looked up and said "Heavenly Father loves you so much, Mommy." I smiled at the reminder and said "You are right, Livi."
She 'read' on, mumbling and then gasped "Mommy, it says Jesus loves me SO MUCH! And... Jesus Christ... and ... Jesus Christ Amen... and look, Mommy! It's the Joseph Smick!" I was thoroughly enjoying myself, so when I reminded her it was Joseph Smith, she goes "Oh yes, oh yes, it is a Joseph Smith. We love him." And then walked out of the room, continuing her scripture study. Out of the mouth of Babes!

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Emily said...

I love kids. They are so cute! Last night my 19 month old was cuddling with his daddy and then brought his head up, pointed at a picture and said "Jesus" then cuddled back with daddy with a sweet smile on his face.