Monday, November 9, 2009

The Time My Son Turned Six

Feeling the magic outside of the Park!

It doesn't seem like it was six years ago that he came into my life. In many ways, it seems like it's only been a few days that I've enjoyed the sunlight he brought with him. In other ways it seems like I never lived without him. He is my son. I never knew how all-encompassing that word was until I had one. Until I was a Mother. And being his mother is, by far, one of my very greatest joys and blessings.

The firework show at Disneyland always makes me cry. Not just little tears, we are talking about shoulder-shaking, try not to have heaving sobs type of cry. It's just the beauty of dreaming, of being a child in your heart, I guess. I try to be strong, but as soon as I hear Walt say "To all who come to this happy place... Welcome." I lose it! This time was no exception. Kaje fell asleep as we sat and waiting for the fireworks to begin, his little head in my lap and his body pressed down deep into the pavement. I put my arm around him to try to protect him. And he slept through the whole show. But at the very end, the narrator comes back on to talk once more about how beautiful life is, how magical these moments are, and ends with "Remember... dreams really do come true." And I looked down at the precious, amazing little boy sleeping in my lap and I really, truly, from my heart cried tears of profound gratitude. It was six years almost to the minute that he was brought into the world. I thought of what it was like to hold him in my arms for the very first time. And I felt almost those same emotions over again. I was truly overwhelmed that this incredible being is my son. I love him with all of my heart.

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Emily said...

very sweet. I cry at the fireworks, too. Not just at disneyland....all the time. I don't know exactly why.