Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bullet Points

* Why is the McDouble so very tasty? And only a dollar, too.

* My Mom told me yesterday I stink as a blogger. It was said with love. For her and my three cousins that read regularly, I'll try to improve. It's just sometimes I have something to say and sometimes I don't. That's 'cause I'm losing brain power, and the main thought in my head right now is "Gee, that McDouble sure is tasty!" I'll try to solve some mysteries of the universe. If I do, I'll share the solutions with all of you.

* This is my little brother, Nick. I really love him, and I am proud of him. He is a helicopter pilot. If I would have know he was going to grow up to become a helicopter pilot, I probably wouldn't have smacked him so hard in the head when we were kids (my brutality of choice). He is good at what he does, and is now certified to be an instructor, which is really hard to do! Woot, woot. Livi basically thinks she owns him, as you can see from the firm grip on his shoulders and the smooch she's about to lay on him. He is a good uncle. Plus he married Silvia, which makes him smart. And lucky. I like that in a little brother.

* I was just reading on KSL.com that the University of Utah is making great headway in stem-cell research to help fight ALS, or Lou Gehrigs's Disease. This is great news! My Grandpa K.J. suffered and died from ALS, and I am so happy to hear of every advance in the fight against it!
If you are LDS (Mormon), like I am, you can find on LDS.org that the Church has not taken a stance for or against stem-cell research... you can support it or not, up to you. So personally, I think you should be glad scientists are working for cures you might one day want for yourself! Just thought I'd say it. 'Cause I could. So I did.

* The other day I was watching 'Meet Me In St. Louis," the greatest show ever. And I thought to myself, "That Judy Garland is marvelous. I love her." And then I watched the special features, and she was so amazing and talented. I think I'm going to be glad I have mediocre and adequate talent and not brilliance. Brilliance just leads to trouble. Look at Judy. Look at Michael Jackson. Look at Bill Clinton -- sick. Okay, don't. Look at Hemmingway. Look at Van Gogh -- I mean the man cut his ear off, for heavens sake. Let's just not look at the brilliant people and be happy with 'just okay'. All in favor, say aye.

* My darling, beloved Grandmother loved Bill Clinton. I'll never understand this.

* I'm not a Republican. Just if you're wondering. I'm not a Democrat, either. I was raised to be politically neutral. And I do it well, if I do say so myself. How my three brothers became Republicans I shall never understand; if anything our family leans left. I'd just like to take my stance here. I'm not a donkey. I just don't like perverts.

* May I never become a pervert.

* It is raining the most delicious rain. A really, really delicious rain. And I slept so nicely in the rain. It's ten in the morn and we still need the lights on. Merry Christmas, Marie. The rainclouds are your friends.

* I have a gigantic stack of books on my nightstand. Books of all different varieties. I've been reading a lot lately, but I never take the time to put the books away. The books are taking over. My husband is very patient, but I think he's a little tired of it. Maybe I will do something about it today. Maybe not.

* I used to dream of being the first woman everything. Woman on Mars, President, everything. Now I just dream of McDouble's. I don't want to be President. Worst job ever.

* I am a great believer in the Constitution. In the ideals of our Founding Fathers. I just thought you should know that.

* This is my Great Uncle Kay and Aunt Marge. Please admit that they are the cutest couple you have ever seen. Admit it right now. They are wonderful. And they are so in love with each other, sixty years later. My Uncle Kay says he doesn't mind if there's not a heaven because he's already had heaven here on earth. Try knowing them and not crying when you hear that! That's what me and the Double B are working for.

* Thank you for reading my bullet points today. Life can go on.

* Mom, these bullet points are for you.


Jill said...

Thanks! I feel SO MUCH BETTER!!! Put your books away - if they are not put away on New Years you'll have books all over your house for the coming year... and you don't want that! And get your laundry done because you know what Granny always said - if your laundry isn't done on New Years you'll never be caught up all year. I've learned through many years that she is right! Love ya most! - Mom

Simmons Family said...

Meet me in St Louis is an AWESOME movie!!!! We watch that all the time (and by we, I mean all by myself-because that isn't a boy movie according to shaun) Have you ever seen the Harvey Girls??? Another great Judy classic!!!!

Tara said...

Great post as usual. I do miss it when you don't have anything to say. I understand though it's hard to have something to say everyday or the time to say. You're Awesome. Have a great day.

elise and co. said...

My bulleted comments:
*You are really funny.
*I've never eaten a McDouble. Can we still be friends?
*My mother-in-law died of Lou Gehrig's disease in May 2008. It was horrible watching the disease make her a prisoner in her own body. I would support almost anything that made it so no one has to suffer like that.
*I've never seen Meet Me in St. Louis. Can we still be friends?
*Sure, you have books all over your house...but are you hiding them under your couch yet? That's when you know you have a problem.
*Once again, YOU ARE FUNNY. I'm glad that we're internet friends. Maybe one day I'll run into you at Walmart. :)

Jen said...

I like the paragraphical breakup of the bullets, too, Jill.

Also, I was a Republican once, but I have come back over to neutral again.

I have a hard time not thinking about Hemingway sometimes, but I like your point.

Ducksoup said...

riese head you are so funny and so marie and so cool and do you ever get sick of me telling you you are the coolest person on the planet? so this mcdouble thing, don't think i've ever tried one. might need to seen cause i went to be a veg in january. just january though. and i'm glad you mentioned granny liked bill. i thought that when i read your comment about him and lo and behold the next comment was about granny loving bill. never and still don't understand that. and today was granny's anniversary. they are together and i'm sure celebrated. and i may have to steal that pic of kay and marge. i got one on the way out of them separately but yours is 8,000 times cooler. love you.

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.