Thursday, December 10, 2009

She's Just...So...Darn...Cute.

I don't know why this picture is a little...white...but that doesn't matter. I never claimed to be a photographer. What does matter is that when I peaked in on my daughter watching 'Tarzan' for the first time (one of my personal favorites) this morning, she was smiling and picking her nose, both at the same time. I thought it was quite darling, actually. So I got my camera and sneaked it around the corner. At that point, she was kissing her arm. But alas, I didn't get that either. I did; however, get the snug-as-a-bug look she had going, and also her shopping bags. Over the last four days or so my adorable child has been manifesting the early signs of hoarding. She just carries these little bags around, collecting anything that comes into her path. And she is just so happy about it. She tells us she's planning a party, or sometimes a trip to Robot City (courtesy Kaje's current favorite movie 'Robots'). Last night the Double B spent a good hour putting away her collections, and he described it to me as "kinda amazing -- dirty socks, movies, books, toothbrushes, Craisens, lotion, money, clothes, crackers, packs of unwrapped gum" etc. It has only taken her about five minutes to create this two bag collection this morning. But I just can't stop her! It's too precious. Way too precious. I wonder if that excuse will hold up with the Double B when he gets home tonight?
We shall have to wait and see.

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Ducksoup said...

so, so incredibly funny. i am laughing so hard at livi and so hard at ben for thinking the whole thing is sortof amazing. how stinkin' funny. i mentioned your post was funny...yah it was!