Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Sister Sil

This is my sister, Silvia. I mean, I think the resemblence between the two of us is uncanny. Both dark, beautiful, adorable... oh, wait.

But she's still my sister.
Least wise, she is 'cause she married my brother Nick.
So I claim her, thereby forcing her to claim me!

I really, really love Silvia.
She grew up in Brazil and doesn't laugh too hard when we all try out our Portugese.
She is a basketball superhero,
and I love to see her smash any male I've ever seen her play!
She is the perfect Yin to my brothers Yang.
She is funny, patient, loving, charming, brilliant, kind, wonderful.

And I really, really like having a sister who, by merit of birth placement,
is essentially my twin.
My older-by-two-months twin.
Let's not forget that.

I love, love you, Sil! Happy Birthday, my dear friend!
Thanks for being born!
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Ducksoup said...

you are the best poster ever. i just need you to post a litlte more if that's okay. anyway, such a cute tribute. i think you should go into business and start writing love letters for other people...