Monday, January 11, 2010

THREE -- The New Legal Age

At this exact moment three years ago (can it really I have been that long?) my obstetrician had just broken my water -- just barely -- in fact, I'm sure he was still in the room. Things were getting ready to rock. Because exactly 52 minutes from that second, at 10:04 a.m. on January 11, 2007, she was born. Olivia Marie, our daughter. An angel sent straight from heaven to brighten every moment of our lives. Here she is this morning:
This is her this morning, too, doing a little birthday rocking to 'the wiggles':
I love Olivia so much. In fact, so does her Daddy (he's pretty tightly wound around her little finger), her big brother (who was as excited that today was her birthday as she could have ever been), and her whole family. She is a light.
She is excited to be three, because that is the age of her "very best friend, Leighna." It also sounds more grown-up, she's been claiming three for a few months now.
Three does sound kinda old when you're the mother of the baby, who somehow decided to not be a baby anymore. But this phase is my very favorite one of all -- the older toddler. She is hilarious. Everything she does is kooky. Her imagination could be enough for everyone in the whole world. She won't touch anything that even acts like it is made out of bread. She adores her older brother, and also terrorizes him, since he's too nice to do it to her. She thinks Papas was created specifically to play with her. She has a firm knowledge that she is completely beautiful and also a princess (insert sigh of happiness here).
We love her with our whole hearts.



*rOcKiN rIcHiNs* said...

I love to read about how much you love your family! I can't wait to have a little girl...lucky duck! I love the plunging neck line she is sporting...very JLo.

Ducksoup said...

wow, today is the day huh. happy birthday to miss olivia. i wish i was at your house right now. i know how you are when it comes to birthdays and a good party sounds great. eat some cake for me. love yah.

Kamille said...

52 minutes. You are a rock star!

Tina Williams said...

Funny picture. It reminds me of how granny's silk nighties used to fit all of us. Way to celebrate birthday number 3. I wish I was there as well. She is beautiful and so sure of herself and that is beautiful as well.

You have also officially survived the terrible 2's. An accomplishment in and of itself.

I'll eat some cake and ice cream from here and one of our songs for fhe will be happy birthday in her honor!

Paulette said...

Happy birthday, Olivia!!! It's hard believe she is three. Honestly, where does the time go? She is the age Liz was when we moved here. Is that trippy, or what? It really seems only yesterday when I got to hold her after loosing the twins. It was really nice being able to hold a new born at that time. Thank you for allowing me to do that! Now she is just so grown up and such a darling little princess!!

Simmons Family said...

Happy birthday, she is so cute!!!!! Aren't girls fun!

Tink said...

She is so cute! 3 is great! I love 3! Happy Birthday Livi, it's a great year!