Wednesday, January 13, 2010

When Other People Are Clever

This is probably the funniest thing that has happened to me in ... I don't know, hours.

But first, the back-up story. I want you to be caught up.

Yesterday I wrote a She-Ra blog post. I was mad, okay? And possibly hormonal. I don't want to commit to that statement and blame my insanity on hormones, because I am insane enough on my own. And dangit, I like that about myself! But I have reasons for being hormonal, which we will talk about at a future date, like... I don't know, tomorrow. Anyhow, I wrote a She-Ra post. It doesn't mean I hate my husband or the species of men, because I love them both. Especially my husband, who is good and kind. But I was just lettin' off some steam. You know. (Do you? Or have you all been lifted up with the City of Enoch?) I just was venting. That is all. And all day long I wrestled with myself -- was I too open? Too... Marie? Should I take down the post? But guess what. I didn't. I remembered the words of my dear friend Tamari, who once told me "It's your blog. Write what you want." I thought those were good and wise words, so I stuck with my morning rage, even though it had simmered out quite nicely throughout the day.

This morning I checked my comments. Two from concerned family members, and then this -- the truly funny thing I am referring to. It's a comment from the great and talented Cory, and it says:
There is only one thing that makes man supreme in my house: I am the only one
who will plunge a toilet.
It's not unusual to arrive home from work to have
my wife direct me to which toilet has been clogged by one of our children over
the course of the day.
Not that I'm suggesting you should be the designated
toilet plunger. I mean, I don't necessarily WANT to see my wife plunging a
Okay, I'm done.

Haha! Admit it, that is hilarious! It just tickled my funny bone. So thank you, Cory, that was a clever and truthful statement. And it's so funny because my husband is superior in the same way! He comes home and I direct him to the toilet in duress. It's not that I don't try, it's just that I don't have his plunging skills. He is a truly talented individual, and this is just one of his talents.

I just thought I'd share with you that very funny story.

And also, I stand by my Magic Island. I still want one on standby!


Tara said...

that is hilarious. thanks for sharing! And you need to vent. It's not good to hold it inside so if your blog is the place then by all means use it. After all it gets a wider audience which can give good insight to help you feel better or if nothing else a great laugh which is very medicinal! Have a great day.

Tina Williams said...

I can proudly say I have learned to plunge a toilet . . . you aren't old enough to know how yet . . . one day you will be as old as me and it will be easy for you.

Tink said...

Is plunging a toilet an age thing?... that makes me feel old.
I love you! :-)

Ducksoup said...

ryan is the designated toilet plunger at our house. sometimes i try but quickly give up. it's a good job for men i think. except when they are at work too much and you have to wait a week for the toilet to be plunged. for the first time in our married life we have other options. so we just go with it. don't spread that story...