Thursday, February 18, 2010

Conversations With A Three Year Old

This morning Liv wormed her way into our bed. Apparently she had been standing by my head breathing heavily for about five minutes, but I wasn't moving (I confess I did hear her a little bit, but I repeat, I wasn't moving) so The Double B tapped her on the head and invited her over to his side so he could lift her in the middle. Of course, she wormed her way over right next to me. As a Mother, this can be sort of annoying. But also, so precious. So you want to both shove them back over and hold them tighter. A Catch 22, if you will (I know I will. I love any situation where I can say 'Catch 22').
She woke up a little later when my honey had leaned over to give me a very sweet good morning kiss. When we looked over her head was on her hand and her lips curled back in disgust. This was her question: "Mommy, why you kiss my brother's Dad?"
Even later we dropped Daddy off to work on Grandma B's tree trimming project. As he walked away she blew him the biggest, juiciest kiss ever. I said "Well, Livi, that was so nice!" to which she replied "Yes, I am a very nice girl. And I like to blow my Daddy kisses because he is so handsome!"
Having a little girl is like the bomb-diggity or something. She makes every day a little bit brighter. Or a lot a bit brighter, I should say.
And our last story of the day: yesterday I was on my way to a doctor's appointment to get my birthmark zapped again and was in a little bit of a hurry, and the honey was kind of dawdling outside of the car. So I said to myself "Come on, Ben!" The following conversation occurred:

Liv: You not call my Dad Ben!

Mom: I can call Daddy Ben because he is my husband.

Liv: He not your husband!!! You not call him Ben!!!

Mom: Yes, he is. I am married to Daddy, so I can call him Ben because that's his first name.

Liv: You not married to my Daddy! I not want you and Daddy to be married!!!

Mom: Why not?

Liv: Because I going to marry Daddy!!!

Seriously, having a little girl is the best. Dad's are the best, too. I never thought I'd get married myself because I never thought I'd find someone as good as my Dad. But I did find a very good specimen. We can only hope the same for Liv.
The only reply The Double B had to the conversation when he got back into the car was "Well, I love you very much, Livi. And believe me, you are very glad that Mommy and I are married." Which I thought was a pretty darn cute (and accurate) reply.

Okay, seriously, here is the very last story for the day. Exactly one week ago I had a church meeting (sort of like tonight -- huh) but I couldn't find an available babysitter. So I asked one of my councilor's if her older girls would mind watching my children with her own while we were gone. They kindly agreed, and we went to the meeting. While we were gone, the girls were giggling in their bedroom for ten minutes -- only ten minutes. During that ten minutes, Liv painted their entire laundry room (washer/dryer, floor, and walls) and their 8-month-old baby Jack with finger paint. Let's just say -- I was horrified. They spent the rest of the time scrubbing their brother and the laundry room. Most of it came off, you will be happy to know. You will also be happy to know that Jack didn't mind it at all. He thinks my daughter is cool.
Oh, the horror.


Kamille said...

You have to admit that children are very clever with their use of time. How sweet to have Liv love her daddy so much. Does she really refer to Ben as "My brother's Dad?" because that is priceless. You could make your own MasterCard commercial with material like that! Hilare.

Wander said...

Oh sweet are in the trenches! I loved that time with my kids.
So funny about marrying daddy! I cracked up.
I remember those kind of conversations too. So precious!
The paint job? Hilarious!

Thanks for saying hey....I'm trying so hard to feel better. I'm convinced there's an infection gone mad in my body. Going to see the doctor tomorrow!

Ducksoup said...

i like that livi. she has attitude and spunk :). i love how kids look at marriage. braden has been saying for months he is going to marry his mommy... lately he is going to marry his mommy and daddy. hm. at least livi is just sticking to ben. i think if she marries someone just like ben she'll be set! the laundy room thing is sorta funny to me. i hope you are okay with that. and since we own zero nailpolishes olivia is invited to hang out and laugh in my laundry room anytime. love yah FC. thanks for the laugh.