Monday, February 22, 2010

The Kangaroo Analogy

I really do have to clean. I mean, I really REALLY have to clean. My house, which was so adorably spic and span on Saturday night, has fallen victim to the weekly Sabbath nightmare of mess. It was a particular hard fall this time.
K.J. wanted to go on Webkin's World first, though. He got his first Webkin for Valentine's Day, and it has happily been driving me crazy ever since. First, though, I had to check my blog in case anyone had posted. He sat beside me in disgust. These are the words that came out of his mouth:

"Mom. Checking your blog is like kangaroos. It's like a whole bunch of kangaroos -- DEAD."

Let's all go ahead and think about that one for a moment. I don't exactly know what it means. But I'm pretty sure it's bad. Very, very bad.


Elise H. said...

Your son is insightful. This IS like a bunch of kangaroos, dead. :) That's cute.

P.S. It isn't just MY house that looks like a comet hit it after Sunday? WHAT IS THIS PHENOMENON?! My house is ALWAYS a wreck on Monday mornings. And here I am blogging.

Tina Williams said...

LOL -- Thanks so much for the quick giggle Mr. KJ -- He has such a thought process I would love to see inside of his sweet little brain! Kangaroos --LOL

Ducksoup said...

so funny. what a kid. glad he knows all about the world of blogging - - especially since his mama is one of the greatest bloggers out there :).

Jen said...

Can't say I have thought that before, but I do believe he is very original. I like that boy a lot. Just like his mom.

Book group tomorrow.