Thursday, March 25, 2010

27 Reasons To Celebrate!

Here is my 2010 List O Gratitude. Many items are the same as the 2009 List. But dangit, when something is good, it is good! And I stand by that. With no further ado, I share 27 Reasons I have to celebrate:

1) Being alive. 'Cause it is just AWESOME! It can be hard. It can be smooth and easy. It just rocks. I love life! My premortal self must have had ants in my pants just waiting to get here!

2) Love. Love of all kinds. Love I feel, give, and love I receive.

3) My husband. Because he is just the bomb-diggity.

4) K.J. for being the kid I always dreamed my oldest son would be. And more.

5) Olivia for keeping me on my toes and making me laugh all the time. For hugs, kisses, and squeezes that she gives so willingly and better then anybody else!

6) The baby I carry with me right now. We're getting to know each other. I love her.

7) My parents. 'Cause there is just nobody better. I'm so blessed to be their daughter!

8) My brothers. They are idiots. They are wise. They are my life-long best buddies. I love them.

9) My brothers spouses. Because I always wanted a sister so, so bad. And they are some of my best friends besides. Lucky!

10) My in-laws. I'm blessed my husband came from such a great family. I love being a part of their family!

11) My extended family. Because they. are. awesome. Sane or insane, I love them all.

12) My testimony.

13) My church calling, which is truly a 'tender mercy.' I can't believe how much I get from those exceptional young women. They truly are 'my girls,' and I love them rather maternally.

14) Friends. There was a time I thought I didn't need any. Can you believe such a thing? Friendship truly is a gift.

15) My ward family.

16) The Book of Mormon.

17) A nice home to live in and a handcart that goes 80 miles per hour. I was sent to this time for a reason, batman!

18) Theater. Even though I feel disconnected from that part of myself, I know it's just a hiatus. And the arts nurture my spirit. I love to see a play as much as I love to be in one. This house wife will always be an actress!

19) Being able to stay home with my kids. An incomparable blessing, and worth many sacrifices. We're so lucky we're in a situation where it's possible. Hallelujah!

20) Toes that I still like to look at, as they have not swollen up too bad yet. Let's just say, I think my toes are my best feature. My wrists are not too bad, either. It's the little things, people.

21) Being able to walk. It's fun.

22) Having a legacy I am so proud of my buttons might burst. I am so thankful for parents who made hard choices and sacrifices, grandparents who taught me how to love and give, and great grandparents on back who knew how to stick together, work hard, and follow a prophet. Invaluable.

23) Costco Wholesale. Amen.

24) This one talk Richard G. Scott gave when I was at BYU and struggling in a most agonizing manner to know my path. Saved me. I love you, Richard G. Scott. It really did feel like you were talking right to me.

25) The Holy Ghost.

26) Jesus Christ, my Savior and Friend.

27) A Father in Heaven who loves me. And the ability to know He does.


Ducksoup said...

i think i want to post your thankful list on my wall. just so each and every day i can fill my heart fill with love, think of you, and smile. i love you rie. you are the absolute coolest cousin ever!

Ducksoup said...

and i really liked your costco wholesale one too.

Tink said...

thanks for sharing. you made me count my blessings too! :-) Thanks! I love you! I hope you had the greatest birthday ever!