Thursday, March 18, 2010

Adventures In Livi-Land

I have decided to document a few conversations I have had with Miss Olivia lately, just to make your day a brighter and more exciting place. Dispersed throughout you will find pictures of said daughter enjoying a refreshing helping of Cool Whip before bed. It was last Saturday night, I'd brushed their teeth and was off doing something for a few minutes. When I came back in the room, here she was. And yes, I did need that Cool Whip. But I thought it was so darn cute in it's own special way. So I took some pictures, just to reinforce this type of behavior.
We just had the following exchange:
Liv: Mom! I pooped! I really, really did poop this time!
Me: Awesome! I'm coming!
Liv: I not done yet! Gggrrrrr....
Me: Okay, keep trying. (pause) Are you done yet?
Liv: No. Grrrr....
Me: (patiently waiting)
Liv: How 'bout you just come back in a few minutes? Grr....
Of course, maybe you don't think poop stories are cute. But I sorta do. So I'm sharing, and I am not ashamed.
This morning I slept in. Really slept in, like 9:30 slept in. And it felt good. The Double B is closing tonight, so he patiently held down the fort. But eventually Livi couldn't take it anymore, and she came running into the room and jumped up on the bed.
Livi: Mommy, you awake?
Me: Sorta.
Livi: (so sweetly) You want me to give you a kiss?
Me: Of course! (she gives me a cute little kiss)
Livi: (so sweetly) You want me put on your glasses?
Me: Okay. (she puts them on upside down)
Livi: Okay. Now... WAKE UP!!!! (using her deepest, scariest voice)
Last night I was getting ready to get in the bath and she was keeping me company, because as every mother knows, there is no such thing as bathroom alone time. She decided she wanted to take a bath in her bathroom, so I helped her get ready. She stared at my belly in deep contemplation and then stuck hers out as far as possible and rubbed it up and down and said "The baby in my tummy is getting SO BIG. And it just making my body hurt!" I apologized for her discomfort and she patted my knee. "It's okay! I feeling better now!" And ran out of the room.


Tara said...

Too bad you can't feel better that quickly! I love to watch little minds try to understand the concept of a new little life.

Simmons Family said...

You have one cute daughter there!! Yay for her going poop in the potty!! I totally understand the no bathroom alone time. sigh...someday we will be able to go all by ourselves :)

Ducksoup said...

i am pretty sure those pics of livi could win awards. those are the funniest pics i have ever seen. so funny, glad she knows at three what tastes good in life. she is adorable. and all your stories were so funny. i think braden and her would get along good. maybe i could adopt her for a week or two. and today my mom had lots of people in her house and braden ran around for a good 15 minutes NAKED. i just don't want you to give me too much credit when i don't desserve it. i tried telling him i didn't have any pajamas after he got out of the tub. finally i just gave in and got the pajamas. i guess they are a better alternative than nudity. thank you for the awesome post. made my night and thank you for your spelling knowledge. i should have said marie specifically, not anyone. especially since you are about the only one that reads my blog anyone. i sorta made it sound like one of the thousand readers would fill me in. hm. not so. well i love you. thanks for always making me feel like a million bucks.