Monday, March 29, 2010

I Have This Concern

I have this thing about my jowels.

I am deeply concerned about them.

They just keep creeping further and further down my jaw-line.

I think they are going to soon make me look like a basset hound, and I am still in my twenties.

They seem to grow exponentially worse with each child.

Soon they could hang on the ground, and that would be catastrophic.

I know what Elder Holland says about women and surgery and physical appearance, but I think I may need to go under the knife one day just to stop myself from tripping over them.

It's sad, really.

I feel concerned.

The End.


Jen said...

Dear Marie, You are very beautiful just the way you are. Just ask Benward. (Or me, for that matter.)


Tina Williams said...

Dear Marie, I don't even know what jowels are? I'm uneducated for sure but if it is a body part I've never heard of I'm not sure it can really be that bad. I like you the way you are as well!


Tina Williams said...

P.S. - LeeLou Blogs for the blog makeover - highly recommend it - check the link on my blog to somewhere in time - it happens to be my favorite background but i couldn't bring myself to copy her exactly - i went with the second choice and will just covet the other option.

Elise H. said...

I've never seen you in real life, but I've never noticed a jowel problem in your pictures. You are pretty.

And what does Elder Holland say about women and surgery? How did I miss this one?

Ducksoup said...

how did i ever miss that post. i love your new background. you are welcome to use the favorite one of tina's even though i did. sorry if you were going to and then thought you couldn't cause i stole it. have at it is all i can say. lots more people read yours than mine. and you are funny you know it. you are actually just stinkin' adorable and i wish i looked just like yah.