Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Meet Mullet-Girl

Exhibit A: Re-Growth of Previously Cut Hair
Exhibit B: Scissors
Exhibit C: Pile of Hair Found on Bathroom Floor by Distressed Mother (Bagged as Evidence)
Exhibit D: Unrepentant Child (also now known as Mullet-Girl)
Exhibit E: Mullet Side A
Exhibit F: Mullet Side B
Exhibit Me: What The Flip.
The Defense Rests.


*rOcKiN rIcHiNs* said...

Business in the front. I like it!

Tara said...

scissors in the hands of a sneaky three year old never ends well! It could have been worse. My niece once gave her little sister a haircut to look like her brother. And she did a darn good job of doing so! Much to the dismay of her mother. At least it's hair and it can still grow back right.

Ducksoup said...

my favorite two pics are exhibit a and exhibit me. you are too funny.

Elise H. said...

Exhibit D has really cute freckles. How could you get mad at that face? :)

Ride said...

Oh NO! It takes so long to recover!

Simmons Family said...

oh no!!! Good thing she is still cute!

Kamille said...

I heart the "what the flip" pic. Perfection.