Saturday, March 20, 2010

Oh, Wait. One More.

To continue our Ode to Livi, I feel compelled to add one more story.

If ever my little girl should burp or the other option, I always say "Excuse you, little lady!"

Last night, I confess, I myself burped (this hardly ever happens. I am very lady-like and rarely give in to such mortal weakness). I said "Pardon me."

Olivia was next to me. She gasped very dramatically! And then proclaimed:

"Excuuuuse youuuu, litt.... BIG lady!"

I laughed so hard I almost died. That comment alone has made my year.

P.S. Liv just barely headed out to play with her big brother and other neighborhood friends. She roared when she turned the corner and they all screamed in very realistic terror. She laughed and said "Guys, it's just your friend Olivia! Really, Guys, it's just your friend Olivia!"


Tara said...

that' hilarious. it reminds me of a time we were at the school waiting for Tim. The kids were ready to go and headed for the stairs faster than I was going. Another professor didn't see me coming so told them "be careful little ones" as they started down the stairs. I caught up to them and they went up and down a few times while we were waiting. this same professor came down the stairs a few minutes later and Aiden tells him, "be careful big one." I just about died trying to hold it in!

Ducksoup said...

so cute rie. so funny. listen to your mannerisms. granny would be so proud of your lady likeness...

Jen said...

Hahaha. What a cutie. (The little lady and the big one.)

Book group this thursday is just book reports. You would be most welcome.