Friday, March 26, 2010

The Time D. Will and Korver Came To My Birthday Party

For my birthday surprise, the Double B took me all the way up to Salt Lake City for a Jazz game! Isn't that the most romantic thing you've ever heard? And he wouldn't tell me at all what we were doing. Not until we climbed off the Trax in front of Energy Solutions Arena. At that point, I was suspicious. I mean, it was the Jazz or Ririe-Woodbury, and I just couldn't imagine Benny subjecting himself to two hours of modern dance. I was also quite hopeful. Because I have never been to a Jazz game! Ever! AND I LOVE THE JAZZ. I was so jazzed when we stepped off into the crowd!!! (ha, ha, I consider myself and my little word plays very hilarious.)
Here's the thing about it. We were on the second to top row. AND WE DIDN'T EVEN CARE. Of course, I was really hoping I wouldn't have to pee or anything, but we didn't mind being in the nosebleeds. We were just happy to be there. It was a beautiful thing.
Just being in the same room with these fellows was AWESOME! 'Cause here's the thing. We are big Jazz fans (basketball being the only sport I find exciting in any way) and we try not to miss watching or listening to any game we can. We feel like we're pretty much best buddies with these guys. Like, in our minds they would probably want to have backyard barbeques with our neighborhood and stuff.
Plus, they were playing the Celtics!!! The Celtics, people!!! I never thought I'd see Kevin Garnett in real life. And it was cool to see him in real life. His body is so very interesting to look at. Seriously. He looks like he's all made of hinges ('cause everything bends).

Wiping the misty tear out of my eye.

It was SO FUN to be there with The Double B, my favorite man in the ecosystem, and be surrounded by drunk Celtics fans.
Especially during the second half, when Memet Okur hit five three-pointers, Booz was blocking and dunking left and right, and the other coach got EVICTED from the game.
I felt high on happiness at that moment.
(The Double B told me I mean "ejected" from the game. But I like EVICTED better, so I'm sticking by it.)
To say the least I had the greatest time ever. And I did thank my Heavenly Father for such an awesome dude to be married to, who thinks so much about what would make me happy and goes out of his way to do it. What a guy. I know what you're thinking right now:
How on earth did MARIE end up with such a hottie?
Well, it's complicated.
And by complicated, I mean pretty darn unbelievable.
I also mean pretty much amazing.
Possibly a modern-day miracle.

But I'll take it.

P.S. Don't you just love a good five o'clock shadow? Mm-Mm Good.


Tink said...

Dear Barie,
I don't know how you could even tell what was happening at such seating position, but I'm so happy that you enjoyed it! You are lucky to have Ben, but Ben is so lucky to have YOU! You're amazing! :-) Love ya!

Ducksoup said...

tell ben next year i want to be invited to your birthday party. you were all the way my direction, i could have been in charge on your romantic dinner and cake. hm. maybe next year. looks like a fun night. ryan said to me at 6:40 monday night, want to go to the jazz game. i was like, serious (because i knew ben was taking you). ryan was pretty sure they were sold out though. btw, i loved your blog title. you are too cute :)

Jen said...

I am just here to say that I endorse all use of photoshop in this post.

Paulette said...

What an awesome party! Happy Birthday to an awesome lady! I'm glad you had fun! You SO deserve it! Love ya!