Friday, May 7, 2010

Kindergarten Pictorial

Dearest Graduate,
You are so stinkin' adorable.
Love, Mom
I know what you're thinking here:
And you would be right.
They really are as sweet on each other as they look.
Siblings forever!
Aunt Sabrina and her kids were nice enough to come to the illustrious ceremony. K.J. was thrilled. When he saw her, he nudged his neighbor in amazement and said "That's my Aunt!"
Grandma and Grandpa B -- looking beautiful and dapper as always
Me and my little nugget.
Don't you just want to squish that face? Don't you?
(And I am talking about mine. It's a sad forty pound truth.)
I love you, K.J. Magillicutty!

In Honor of Mother's Day, I would just like to say that my Mother has many wonderful qualities... perhaps too many to name. She also keeps her house at a toasty 112 degrees. I love you, Mom.

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Ducksoup said...

rie you look fabulous. i love your hair. and i love to see you pregnant because i really haven't seen you pregnant - - and you look great! k.j. is so cute. and that little girl of yours is adorable. what an exciting day. i keep my house at 65 degrees. you are welcome to come use my computer anytime :). love you!