Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ode To My Mother- In-Law

* Kate, Mother-In-Law Extraordinaire, tells some of the most fascinating stories I've ever heard. She has had a very interesting life. And I mean that. Down right fascinating. As in: We should make a movie about this.

* Benny LOVES his Mom. With a purple passion. And I love that about him. The funniest thing is, he also bosses her like crazy and she takes it like a saint. He and his big brother Tony have this way of saying "Mother!" that just makes me want to give her a spoon so she can beat them both. He just worries, worries, and worries about her and wants to help any way he can. And if she doesn't heed his advice, they have the most interesting arguments. In fact, I have never seen two people communicate the way those two do. It's like their own special language. I like it. It's like watching ping-pong. Dad B does not like it. But that's another story for another time. I reiterate: Ben LOVES his Mom.

* I love her, too. She listens. She let's us do our own thing, even though sometimes I think she must think we're clinically insane, she just let's us do things the way we need to. I think that in the Mother-In-Law echelon, I got the finest of them all. I don't know why I lucked out. But I'm mighty glad I did.

* One of my favorite things: going on long road trips with Kate the Great. Thing I do not get to do enough: go on long road trips with Kate the Great.

* She wears herself out making sure everyone has a good time. And she has this way of standing when something interesting is going on, and she has a one clap with a laugh thing that I think is very charming.

* She has four of the most diverse children-in-laws on the planet. And she puts up with all of us.

* Kate has her own language that we have all picked up. Things like "Sugar" and "Shucks, Trigger." She has many different sayings. We have all picked them up. Even the grandkids. And if that is not a mighty show of power, I don't know what is.

* My Mother-In-Law is kind of a mystic. She almost always knows an upcoming event (birth, marriage) before it ever takes place. Ben finds this excessively amazing. As he should.

* She's a rock. Like unto Peter. I love and admire her quiet dedication to the gospel and her earnest study of it. She's amazing.

* I just asked my kids what they love about Grandma B. K.J. said "I love Grandma because she comes to the B reunion!" Livi said "I want to give her a crown!!"

We all love Grandma B for the wonderful and unique woman she is. She is marvelous.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom! We love you!


Ducksoup said...

when i grow up i want to write like you. or at least in the next life...

TeamDall said...

what on earth would we do without our "Grandma Cake?" She really is amazing.

RoseAnna said...

Oh I love that! And that thing about her know about pregnancy before you tell her is kind of strange. When we called to tell her we were having a baby she said she already knew. How could she? I barely knew. Amazing. Jacob is planning us a trip to visit his grandma cake, because everyone loves her.