Tuesday, June 29, 2010

That Old Lady On The Log Is Our Darling Mother!

Speaking of tooth fairies, we finally got to meet her (or him, who is to say). Exhibit A:
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that is two teeth missing in a matter of three days. And Bob here got them both out himself! He was so courageous, I was incredibly impressed. The first one he just went for it, asked for some privacy and went into the bathroom, chatting with Grandpa A on the phone. And it came out! Little did I know until afterwards that he used the fingernail clippers as his extraction tool. But you know, whatever works. He was so excited! The tooth fairy was coming! Imagine the sadness and schmoe-ness this mother felt at six o'clock in the morning when he came sobbing into our bedroom because the tooth fairy forgot to come. Yikes. Thankfully, when I got him calmed down and convinced that there were just a lot of teeth lost the night before, he said "And you know what, it would probably take at least four tooth fairies to carry away a tooth that big." I'll let that sink in. My son has the coolest imagination ever! When I was a kid, I just imagined an adult-sized fairy with wings on it's back. But not K.J. the great. He sees the tooth fairy as an actual tiny being. Also, there are probably at least six of them. Later in the day when Daddy came home, he told him the tooth fairy couldn't come because he was in California. Dang those Californians! They get all the good stuff. Well, Daddy and I united our forces and yes indeedy, the tooth fairy made it that night. His second tooth was lost when the Double B and I were spending the evening at Girl's Camp. K.J. and Olivia were enjoying the high life (Happy Meals included) at Grandma and Grandpa A's when he got the other out. You will be THRILLED to know that the tooth fairy made it in a prompt and timely manner the second time around. Phew!

Livi wanted me to take this picture of her and her "blankley" this morning. Pretty cute kid, I gotta say.

Girl's Camp was last week and was a raging, flying success of awesomeness. My sister-in-law Trina was Camp Director, and I must say, she was AMAZING. I am not surprised she was amazing, but I think she was a little surprised at her own amazing-ness. The girls had such a great time and it was the perfect mix of spiritual and fun. Thanks, Trin, for putting so much of your heart and soul into that! They will love you forever for it! I went up three different times with our Bishop and his wife (she had a bag full of medical supplies in case she needed to deliver the baby on the mountain). I am so glad for the time I got to spend up there. And pretty glad I survived, because I felt like I'd been beaten by a large stick for a few days after. But it was so worth it. Working with the youth is THE SINGLE GREATEST CALLING IN THE CHURCH. They are so amazing. I feel so blessed to get to partake of their energy and spirit.

Speaking of the Young Women, a few weeks ago they threw a little baby shower for me during opening exercises. It was so sweet. Just check out this quilt they made for the baby!
Hand-stitched, people. They are amazing. I love it. They also gave me this adorable tied blanket and this cute receiving blanket:
Am I one lucky chicken or what?
And that will be one beautiful blankied child, I gotta say.

All is well here. We have everything ready for D-Day, and now we just get to wait for it! I feel really blessed. I got a wonderful Father's Blessing, and my health feels like it has been improving. My body feels stronger and my inside Marie feels stronger, too. Both good and marvelous things. The Double B is surviving, too! (He is a trooper, people, let me tell you.) And so are the children. Although K.J. feels a little concerned about how strange my body looks and if I'll always have those stripes. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. And yes, I will always look like a fairly amazing tiger. Tigers are awesome.

Growing up, my Dad always sang us this song about how "we are little happy froggies singing in the ponds and boggies." It was one of our favorite family songs, we sang it possibly every time we got in the car for any length of distance. In the song, "Daddy got his legs chopped off and the frenchmen ate them," but as for the Mommy in the story... "that old lady on the log is our darling mother." That is me right now. I am the fat old frog on the log, just waiting for some action. But my children still love me. And now they are the happy little froggies. It is the circle of life, my friends. The circle of life.


Paulette said...

Marie, I am so glad you got to go to girl's camp!:) I'm glad you had a good time. That quilt is exquisite! Those girls have talent! They must love you alot!:) They are so lucky to have you as a leader!

Good luck with the baby, I really hope she decides to come soon!:) And enjoy the movie tonight. I'm sorry, I'm gonna skip out on it this time. It's just too late for me. I'm not as young as I used to be.:) But I do want to see it with you some time, maybe when it's in the dollar-theater.:)

Tink said...

Thanks for your confidence! Girls camp was amazing, but not just because of me...I had a lot of help! From others and from above!

You are not a fat old frog on a log! Creating a child is a lot of work! You are involved in the sacred experience of creation! Go You! You're AMAZING!

Jen said...

Love the quilt!! I'm proud of your tooth fairy for her promptness the second go round.

Ducksoup said...

rie you are almost there. wow i can't believe it. tomorrow it will be july - - the month we've all been waiting for. go you! i found out i'm having a girl. we are excited! braden was right all along. one of these years i'll get caught up on my blogging and post some pics of the ultrasound. i am hoping soon but it's not looking good. guess what though...we got our sod laid last saturday and i cleaned my house today, well mostly at least, and so i maybe can do something else besides play in the dirt and scrub the floors. anyway, your quilt and blankets are so cute. makes me want to be the yw pres just for them :). impressive you made it to girls camp and so cool you have become a tooth fairy. you are the best! love yah and hang in there.