Monday, June 7, 2010

They Named Him What?

Hi, everybody! To give you a little Monday lift, I will tell you about this story that The Double shared with me last night. It actually happened. Let that fill you with happiness already.

Yesterday during Priesthood meeting the Elders combined with the High Priests. My husband said it was a whole 'nother can of worms. Announcements were varied and lengthy, everything from "How's your wife?" to "Please update us on that growth on your arm." He was enjoying listening to one older brother detail his list of activities that included him making three different trips up to Salt Lake City last week. And then added he would have to take two more trips up this week, but oh yeah, he just got a new grandbaby and they named it after him, and that made him feel really good. This nice gentlemen ended his comment, and then the older man next to Ben cleared his throat and asked "They named him Stupid?"

This pleased the Double B greatly. He said he downright had the giggles for the rest of the meeting (which is fun for me to think about, because when the Double B feels that silly he totally giggles like a girl), and then the High Priests were quite proud of themselves for cracking up the younger fellows. He said they were practically patting themselves on the back, saying things like "That's High Priests humor there, boys." That made Ben even happier.

I really like this story. Not only because it's adorable and charming and also a little rude ("they named him Stupid?"), but because when my husband grows up, that is exactly how he is going to be. My family always teases Ben that he's an old man in a young mans body. And it's deeply true. This doesn't offend him. He agrees. It's a comfort to know I will find him very charming when he actually is old.

I will admit I was mentally unprepared for the 105 degree heat that has descended upon us. Oi vey.

Last night my brother Jon and his lovely, lovely wife Trina came over with their kids to play Phase 10 and just have fun. We did have fun. We ate a pan of rice crispies, three-quarters of a watermelon, and half a batch of cookies. And we felt good about it, too. I kind of wish everyone could come to those nights to see Jon and Trina in action, 'cause they are just cool. And funny. And Jon is a wee bit perverse. And we just like that about him, I guess.

I've been thinking about parents:
Some good and wonderful friends of ours are the foster parents to a brand new baby boy for a month -- he is so sweet and so lucky to come into their home for a short time. If I was going to be a baby who needed fostering, I would want to go to them. It makes me happy that they are kind and good enough to do that for someone who needs them desperately.
I'd like to be that awesome someday. Like, for real.
My great-Aunt Marge and great-Uncle Kay just celebrated their sixty-fifth anniversary on Saturday. I wish I could have gone to the big party to celebrate their wonderful selves and their amazing marriage. They've played a role, too. The good, kind influence they have had in my life. The knowledge that they were always happy to see me and interested in what I was doing, just like I was one of their own.
And Sister Campbell, a friend that passed away last June at the age of 48. She was such an awesome example, and such a very devoted Mother to her children. I often worry about what their lives are like without her. I know she looks out for them, though, as must be the right of every parent who leaves children behind.

And of course I've been thinking about my own parents, both good and true.

I wonder what will be said about me. I hope I will rise to what is within me, and bless the lives of my children and the children I come in contact with. May I not be crazy for the rest of my days -- my new mantra. Amen.

Livi just came into the room, very disturbed with her very disturbed baby doll. She didn't know she'd left her baby at Grandma's until she heard the baby crying, and the baby was scared 'cause she was lost and Grandma wasn't home. She then informed me "Mom, the baby wants to go to lunch. But not at Pirate Pizza. She says not at Pirate Pizza. I think she wants to go to Dinner Queen. Yep. Me and the baby are going to lunch at Dinner Queen. But just pretend." And then walked out of the room. Hm. I hope they'll get me a peanut butter shake.
Amen. For real this time.


Kamille said...

I want to be a foster parent some day. Probably when I have no one home during the day. You have a lot of people you love and that love you. Lucky.

Ducksoup said...

awe rie. i missed you on saturday. i hoped the entire drive to nephi you would be there. and, of course, you weren't and i was a little sad cause i am in need of some fc time. it was fun to chat with your parents for a half a second though before i had to run off to the play. and it was so fun to see uncle kaye and aunt marge. uncle kaye looked fabulous (i'll post some pics on my blog). well hope you are hanging in there. that baby is going to be here before we know it. how exciting! p.s. i wish i could walk across the street for a game of phase ten with you. i would bring pickles. i just downed five - - and four this morning and may go for more... love yah!

Cory Reese said...

That stupid story is so awesome. Our ward wasn't 1/8 as exciting yesterday.

*rOcKiN rIcHiNs* said...

Warrin also thanks Ben for a wonderful Sunday Priesthood meeting! :)

Hey, for the record....I don't think "Stupid" is a good name for anything living. Ever.

Jill said...

rOcKiN ricHiNs, That was absolutley the most funny comment I've Ever read! Thanks for making me laugh! I mean really belly laugh!

Love ya most Rie!

Wendy Bro. said...

When I remember to read your blog it truly makes my day! You will always have the ability to make me laugh. You are so cute. Let me know when the new baby arrives.