Friday, July 30, 2010

Just The Family Mailbox

Dear Olivia,
Could you be the cutest 3 year old on the planet? It's totally possible. Thanks for being so great about your new baby sister.
Love, Mom.
Dear Katee-Jilly-Bean,
Today was your first visit to Costco. This is an important day in any girls life. You were very good playing incognito under that blanket, so thanks. And you're a little smelly right now.
I love you so much, Mom.
P.S. you are so much smaller then that Costco-sized watermelon we picked up it's ridiculous. You are pretty darn teensy. And also, very pretty.
My dear Son,
Thank you for keeping it real. Thank you for being so patient with me. Thanks for being so chipper. Thanks for being you, 'cause I think you are pretty darn amazing.
Love, your buddy.
Dearest Double B,
Thanks for loving me, and also being so gosh-darned attractive. Also, and in addition, thank you for knowing me well enough to understand I would need a little reminder that that dumb book was SCIENCE FICTION. As in, not real. Also, I hope you like what I got for your 30TH BDAY (ala August 17th). It is just killing me not to blab. And also, I love you.
from: me.


Ducksoup said...

your baby is beautiful. awe i think i could eat her up. i bet if granny were here she would. i can't help but think the joy of summer boys - - katee getting out and about already. i thihk my winter baby will bring a lot of hibernation. i wish you would come and visit me. don't you need to get out of that crazy feet. i will take care of your children and let you sleep a lot. maybe when katee is a little bit older - - just a tiny bit - - you should think about it. oh, it would be so much fun. the wee ones could run around like wild indians and we could just sit and hold the babe. love you oodles. adorable letters!

Paulette said...

she's so cute you should see my new blog lizinlizards elizabeth farnsworth

Simmons Family said...

I love you Marie, you are totally awesome!!

Kamille said...

I think I love the name Katee more today than I did yesterday. And I loved it a lot yesterday.