Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Story

Here -- you need to see our little beauty queen. I know -- it's like you have been parched in the desert, and now your thirst is satiated. Drink her in, my friends... just drink her in...
Ah.... Sweet Relief.
Here's how happy we are at our house right now:
And just to think: one week ago today, I was in the midst of laboring to bring her into this world.
I would a lot rather be on this end.
In all actuality, I had the same experience every Mommy has, no matter how you become a Mother -- the minute they put her into my arms I knew without a doubt that every second of pain, discomfort, misery, whatever -- every second of it was worth it. I would have done it a million times over, just to hold this little soul in my arms.
I love her more then I could ever say. In fact, the only thing I could really think to tell her those first few minutes was "I missed you. I love you. I missed you!" I am just so incredibly thankful. I'd like to shout my thankfulness from the rooftops! I am so grateful for a Father in Heaven who who hears us and loves us and blesses us. We just couldn't be more thankful for how well everything went. My body was able to do what it needed to do, and so was Katelyn's. Whew!
So here is the brief but historically accurate account of the arrival of baby B number 3:
The hospital called us about 11:15 that morning. And it is good that they called then, because I was about to crawl right up the walls. Think insane asylum here. We calmly drove down there, and calmly walked into the hospital. Okay -- I was pretty nervous, I'm not gonna lie. But I kept a cool exterior. The Double B was impressed. They got me hooked up and I was already contracting, so they drew blood, hooked up the I.V. and started the pitocin at about 12:30. Dr. Lunt, once again my best friend, came in and broke my water a little after 1 o'clock. Right away the contractions got down to business. Yipee! About 2:00 a nice man with the awesome name of Dr. Plumb came in to give me an epidural (which I was afraid I would regret. Let me tell you, people, I know in my heart I will never regret that happy thing. I have felt enough in three deliveries to convince me of that). Anywho, he happened to know my mother from our favorite small town in central Utah, so they chatted away while I had my head in the bosom of a very sweet and wonderful nurse named Marsha and Dr. Plumb electrocuted the crap out of my left leg. All I could think to do to distract myself was tell him about how my favorite cousin-in-law is an anaesthesiologist, and I how I try to coach him on his bedside manner. It was sort of weird, really, but it got the job done.
Things really picked up after that. Awhile later I could feel my blood sugar was dipping a little too low and also that the pressure was getting serious. So my wonderful nurse Marsha (we shall call her best friend #2) came in, yep, my blood sugar was too low, and hey -- the baby was ready to be delivered! She called Dr. Lunt (best friend #1) and told him he'd better hurry because it should only take about two pushes. He said "Don't push! I'll be right there! Tell her not to push!" Marsha brought me two cheese sticks to pick up the old blood sugar while everybody came in to get things ready. I ate the cheese sticks as she gave me a small refresher course on the most effective pushing method. (Really? Has that ever happened in the history of the whole world?) Benny saw that our baby had dark hair. He was pumped. He also never really gets over how weird it is. But he's pumped, to say the least. We were blessed to have both our Mother's there, so they are very pumped as well. I kind of kept looking at my Mom to verify that this was happening. Sort of 'cause -- to me, giving birth has been so surreal. Every single time (count that: 3) I have done it, it feels too big to take in. But yep, it was really happening. Dr. Lunt came in, said "Holy cow!" or something equally awesome, and quickly got scrubbed up. Everybody took position. He put on his catcher's mitt. I pushed for three counts of ten, and she was almost here. I pushed once more and he said "Okay, I've got her. You can rest." She tried to cry even before she was all the way out! Things you should know:
1) Her cord was really short!
2) I cut her cord! I am awesome! So is she! So is everybody in the whole world!
3) I heard every single conversation that took place within a ten mile radius. I know what everyone around that delivery table talked about. Including the nurse who stopped the whole room to say "Ben, you have such a low, soothing voice." It was a little weird. But I said "Why yes, yes he does." The Double B said "Thank you." He thought it was super weird.
I also heard the nurse tell Dr. L. she thought the cord might have been wrapped that last minute before he got there. He told her he couldn't get my uterus to contract at first and was getting a little worried. But then it did it's job. After he beat it up. The Double B says he was going to have to ask him to stop, but then he remembered, it's his job.
4) When they put her on my belly, it was amazing. One of the four most amazing moments of my whole life. Hallelujah. She was so pink and beautiful!
4b) I got to see the placenta. Best Friend #1 gave me a lesson on all it's functions. It was rad.
5) Giving birth is pretty cool.
6) We did skin-to-skin right after she was cleaned up, and it was a-maz-ing. She cuddled right in and was so content. And I was so content, 'cause here was my baby girl! That will always be a cherished memory for me.
7) She knew me right away. I'd talk and she'd calm right down. We have love between us, this girl and I.
8) The Double B gave her her first bottle. It was really sweet.
9) Looking at the pictures later, I noticed one with the Double B's hand clenched on my shoulder. And I realized I have two other pictures just like that. He never leaves my side. It's amazing. I love him more then anything and I am so glad he is the father of my children.
10) Giving birth is the single most sacred thing I have ever experienced or plan on ever experiencing. It makes being a woman the most powerful gift I could have ever been given. Amen.
Dear Lord,
Could we ever thank you enough for sending us this little princess?
We never could.
She squeaks. Have I mentioned that? She is our little squeaker. She's been a little noise box from the moment they laid her on my chest in the hospital. We even call her 'Squeaker' or even 'Squeaky' when K.J. is not around. He really doesn't like it. In fact, I would say he is her great defender. Already in big brother mode in a very intense and sweet way!
K.J. and Olivia are adjusting really well. They love her and are very proud of her. They've also given us lots and lots of things to laugh about.
Here she is right before I got her out and situated so I could blog. She was a little confused. Sort of like -- Mom, could ya get me out of my car seat? -- type of thing. But really, she looks so cute bundled in a ball like that. She is an angel straight out of heaven. We couldn't be more thankful for this beautiful, sweet-tempered, amazing little girl.
So there is the story in a nutshell. I'm sure I'll come back and revisit it, or even talk about it and her so much you'll want to tie me up and leave me in the bushes. But don't do that. Think of the children.
I know you're wondering: did I have my hysterical crying fit of awesomeness? Yep! I woke up on Monday morning with barely two hours of sleep and still pain and two weeks of no sleep under my belt. I walked into the potty. I went potty. I washed my hands, and was suddenly sobbing hysterically. But it's okay. I just went with it. I locked the door so as not to traumatize the two older peeps. The Double B unlocked the door, put his arm around me, and listened to me mourn my lack of sleep. We were both pretty excited that this time the breakdown was legit and not about him squirting a squirt gun in the house, like after we had Olivia.

And in conclusion: Why Katelyn Jill?
Did the Double B win?
Well, in a sense I guess he did, as the name was his desperately hoped for name and he did put it together.
But he did make it clear in the hospital that it was my choice and he would be happy with whatever. But as I was getting ready the next morning and the birth certificate lady came in hoping to get it done, I really evaluated what I wanted in this little girl's name. I wanted her to have strong women to look up to. That's it. And she couldn't have two better examples then her two Grandma's.
So, let us break it down:
Ben's Mom: Katherine. My Mom: Kathleen.
Hence: Kate.
Then, let's add the lyn, just so she has some options.
Ben's Mom goes by Kate. My Mom goes by Jill.
And wa-la!
Katelyn Jill.
But for now, she's just tiny Katee to me.
And there was peace in the land.
The End.


katie said...

SO glad to hear that you are doing so good! She is so sweet! It makes me even more excited, the next 3 weeks are going to be LONG!! Congrats!!

*rOcKiN rIcHiNs* said...

Congrats! She is a beauty! and I LOVE LOVE her name!

Can't wait to meet her!

*rOcKiN rIcHiNs* said...

Congrats! She is a beauty! and I LOVE LOVE her name!

Can't wait to meet her!

Tina Williams said...

Marie - an adorable bundle of pink - such perfect roundness in her face and the most beautiful amount of chubbiness - Congratulations - glad she is here, glad you are here and I can't wait to meet her. Baby number 2 since granny left us - too many tears to type more. Love you rie.

Elise H. said...

She is a sweet little baby. Good job on the delivery. I've never done that before, so I really have no idea what I'm talking about, but from the sound of things you are a CHAMPION OF LABOR & DELIVERY! Well done!

Hang in there--those first few post partum weeks can be a real b---you know what I mean. I wish I was there to bring you some sugar-related food of some sort.

Congratulations on not being pregnant anymore! Woohoo!

Ducksoup said...

i loved your birth story. i'm glad ben is so sweey. i can't believe ryan was mentioned in your post. pretty cool dr plumb was your anesthesiologist. your baby is beautiful. talk about perfect. makes me even more excited for a baby girl. i love the picture of her with her hands together. well way to go rie. three pregnancies and births is impressive. glad you get your body back :). love you oodles. hope you are getting some much needed sleep. love yah, love yah, love yah. can't wait to meet katelyn.