Friday, August 20, 2010

Bob's Birthday Report

This is my husband. I married him. He had a birthday. We tried hard to make it fun. I think we succeeded, ladies and gentlemen. I think we achieved lift-off in the birthday fun arena. I just love birthdays! For real. Yours, mine, everyones! Especially this guy's:
He opened thirty presents (including but not limited to nail clippers and a mini first-aid kit), went out to breakfast, went on a birthday treasure hunt, went golfing, had a family dinner, followed by cake at the park, and finally... peacefully played the DS whilst Mommy put the children to bed. (I'm not so sure how that last thing is so different then any other night, but it was specifically allowed and not resented on this night because as afore mentioned, it was his big day.)
Yes, all candles were lit and also all blown out in about 2.2 seconds. He must have incredible lung capacity, that's all I can figure. Yet another admirable trait!
The big surprise was tickets to see Garth Brooks LIVE and IN-CONCERT on September 11 in Las Vegas. Try keeping that secret for two months. It was a killer! I will admit, I myself am also very excited for this birthday present because I am his date. Awe-some. We just love Garth Brooks. It's true. We love him.
But not as much as we love Jim-Bob here.
I'm glad I'm friends with the Double B.


Elise said...

Two things:
1. 30 is NOT over the hill. It's not, it's not, it's not! (Here's me, covering my ears and going "la la la la la!")
2. Garth Brooks?! LUCKY!

Tamari said...

YES! Happy Birthday to the Double B and you HAVE to tell everything about the concert. I am not a huge country music fan, but Garth is purty AMAZING!

Jen said...

1. Great cake.

2. I think the non-resenting bedtime was a very large gift, so I salute that.