Wednesday, August 11, 2010

First Day Of School! Or; Dearest Children, Why Don't You Listen When I BEG You Not To Grow Up??!!?

That's right, folks: school. School for the Kaje-Man. School for Mr. K.J. First Grade. As in, school ALL DAY LONG. I have had difficulty processing this, I can not tell a lie. My Bob, gone from 9 until 3 every day?! As this day drew nearer, I told the Double B we were going to home school. He said something along the lines of "Over My Dead Body." I think he's truly, deeply afraid somewhere inside of himself that I would warp our young ones for life. And I would be the worst homeschooler ever. It would be somewhere along the lines of "Oh, you want Mr. Disney to be your guest educator today? That would be fine. That would be juuuuust fine." So I guess today is a day that could not be avoided. And K.J. is thanking his lucky stars for that.
My son is now a product of the School District.
Goodbye, K.J. It's been fun. I love you forever.

Here he is!
Seriously, could he be more handsome?
And here they both are!
Because what would a K.J. school picture be without Olivia in it?
He was so goshdarn excited. It was adorable. Last night we picked out what outfit he would wear, prepared his lego batman backpack, and daydreamed about what could possibly happen and what they might be serving for school lunch (it's hamburgers and fries, by the way. I heard it over the intercom. yummy!). The excitement lasted clear until we pulled up to the school, and then the nerves set in. He was very, very nervous. So nervous we had to stop a few times for a pep-talk and hug (sort of for both of us, really). By the time we got to his class and teacher, he was quivering and saying things like "I don't want to do this! I'm sorry I said I was excited! I don't think I can do this!" But then we saw his friend from church, Ambria. Hallelujah!!! He has a friend in his class!!! That brought great joy and relief to our souls. He finally agreed to line up next to her, and then he waited, glancing at me rather anxiously. I gave him the dorkiest thumbs up I could, because that would cheer me up. And as they walked into the classroom, he looked back at me one more time. I gathered myself together and headed for the car, honestly wondering why my throat hurt so bad. And then I realized, that was me trying not to cry. So I let myself sniff a little on the way home, and reported it all back to Daddy, who has the day off today. He laughed at me. So I called Grandma, and she gave me the sympathy I deserve.
I know he's going to have the greatest time ever. And soon I will enjoy his school days. It's just . . . he's my kid. And I love him so much. And I really, really enjoy his company. So I'll look forward to the report this afternoon!
Thank you for listening. And now, back to the pictures.
Let us call this photo:
K.J. the Friendly Giant.
Look how he towers over those midgets! Go, son, go!
Showing his moves to our lifesaver, Ambria.
Fly away, little eagle. Fly away.
And now, a report on our little tiny Katee-Jilly-Bean.
This is her on Friday. Ahhh!!! Cutest picture ever, and I stand by that statement.
Hello, my name is Katelyn, and this is my tongue.
I have a really great time playing with it and discovering I have some control there.
Can you believe she'll be four weeks old tomorrow? Well, maybe you can believe it, but I can't. How is it that time suddenly goes into warp speed? It's like I've been living in molasses for months and now things are finally back to normal... it can be a little disorienting. She is so sweet and cute and getting more and more aware every day. And we are on the verge of some serious smilage, as well. We're super-de-dooper happy we get to play with her all day (and sometimes all night. yay!)!
This is Katee today chill-axin on her Daddy. They are pretty cute together, I'm not gonna lie. And look at those little chicken legs! No. Really look. They are kind of chicken-ey.
And here we have Katelyn's BFF Olivia, bringing back the 80's one groovy headband at a time. I sense a work-out video somewhere in her future.

So a big day at the B's house today. Plus, it's the Double B's birthday very, very soon. Or as we call it here, B-Day minus 6.

In conclusion, a few additional items that I think you will agree are of NATIONAL importance:
1) I think my bum is broken. For real. I desire to sit on anything other then ten feet of cotton and not feel pain. Poor bum.
2) I am overcoming my life-long hatred of green peas. I make myself eat some snap peas every day for lunch. It's like this thing I've got going with myself. Plus, it's got lots and lots of anti-oxidants. At least that's what the bag they come in says.
3) The Double B just fixed the water-pump in our Durango. He and my dad are about ready to open their own mechanic shop. Unfortunately, while fixing the water pump they damaged the alternator. I love cars. Amen.
4) The Young Women went to the temple yesterday, and it was great fun to be with my little chickens again. I love them so so so much! But I never knew until last night just how serious teenagers feel about $5 pizza. Take it away, and they will hate you for life. Even though you bought them hamburgers and ice cream instead! A mystery. A mystery, I tell you.
5) I have three brothers.
The End.


Jen said...

Oh, he looks so dignified in front of your book shelves. You are doing a great job. Keep up the good work.

Baby girl is scrumptious.

Kyle & Alicia said...

K.J. is so cute and he is getting so tall. Katelyn is ADORABLE, Olivia too. Love the pic of Ben and Katelyn, so sweet! I just thought you should know, I think you are the best mom, and such a fun person. I love reading your blog!

p.s. Thank you so much for letting me visit you guys for probably longer than I was welcome (sorry about that). It was so fun to hold Katelyn and talk to all of you. I loved it!

eliseylinna said...

You have very cute kids. Your son is potential boyfriend material for one of my daughters in sixteen years. I have to admit, though--I was distracted by your books. We have a lot of the same books I think. Anyway.

You baby has the CUTEST little chicken legs in babydom.

Paulette said...

schools back already it's awesome huh

katie said...

Your baby is so cute! I feel the same way about how fast it goes by! Not fair!!