Friday, August 13, 2010

Jim and Ducky

A question for the universe: What's a girl to do when her belly is exponentially too large for regular clothes but looks retarded in maternity clothes and, let's be honest, basically any clothing at all? What does one do when faced with the most ridiculous dressing phase of one's whole life? Just go clothes-less, I guess. Eureka! Problem solved.

K.J.'s first week of school has been a raging success. Wednesday when I picked him up I grilled him for information: was it fun, is your teacher nice, did you make friends, how was school lunch, etc. He was pretty calm about all of it, his basic answer to everything was: "It was good." Until... his face lit up the galaxy and he exclaimed:
"Wait, I've got something in my pocket... IT'S A SPORK.!.!.!"
And wah-lah! It was a spork he pulled out like a wand. I had to laugh. Then I said "So that was the best part of your day, when you got a spork?" His reply was "Well, I've never seen one in real life. Have you?"

I guess when you think about it, the mixture of both a spoon and a fork in one useful utensil should never go under appreciated.

The next day he brought home another spork (I think we'll have one for every school day from here on out), however; this one was still in it's wrapper. A-Maz-Ing. School lunch is the best!

Today Olivia is covered in stickers. Her face, her arms, her clothes. Yesterday we had a very special conversation, and it went like this. She was sitting next to me without a shirt on, because let's face it, when is Olivia dressed when she doesn't have to be? Suddenly she put her hands over her little chest and said "Look, Mommy, I've got tiny private-sees." I was surprised at the observation, to say the least. All I could think of to say was "Why yes, yes you do." Then she got a great big smile and said "They're tiny, but one day they are gonna get big!" Stunned silence on Mommy's part. And then the only answer available: "Why yes, yes they are."

Dear Adult Olivia,
I'm sorry that I shared that story. But it's so telling, don't you think?
I love you and please forgive me,

Liv is such a darn cute big sister. Today she came in and asked me if Katelyn could attend a party she was throwing in my bedroom. They were going to watch Beauty and the Beast! So I brought the boppy in, arranged Katee in the middle of the bed, and Olivia set up the blankets so they were both comfortable and moved the portable DVD player so Kate could see it, too. It was so adorable. Katelyn was awake, and every time I'd peek in, her little arms were moving and Olivia was telling her stories. It was so. dang. cute. Being a Mom can be so radical.

I have decided to read Harry Potter again. Because dangit, I need something good to read, and such a masterpiece can never fail. I do it all for Book 7, really. If only it could be my first time with Book 7 all over again! But it doesn't matter how many times I read it, I still cry and gnash my teeth when Harry walks into the forest. Oh, yes. You know what I'm talking about! And if you do not, please repent immediately and start at Book 1. The Double B and I read Book 7 together. It was 2:30 in the morning, I was reading out loud to him and sobbing my guts out. He was like "Do you want me to take a turn?" To which I calmly responded "NO!!!" Ah... sweet memories.

Last night I dreamed that Jim from 'The Office' (think season 3 here) fell madly in love with me. Of course, I told him that while we could always be good friends, my heart belonged to another. He sure was cute, though. Then, right before I woke up, Ducky from 'N.C.I.S.' and I were trekking through the Sahara desert, chatting away. It was a lot of fun, and I was rather disappointed to wake up.

I need to get a life.

And I feel good about that.

Post-edit: Just as I pushed "Publish Post," K.J. came running into the room and said "Mom, I have to show you something... it's in my pocket... it's a SPORK! I just like them!" and ran back out. True story. Life is good.


eliseylinna said...

I wish I could find a spork sticker for the back of my car. Get K.J. on that. :)

(Shh...I've never read any Harry Potter books...tell the mob not to lynch me...)

Last night I dreamed that a saleslady at Target was winding a big long strip of the perforated edge of paper that you get out of spiral notebooks around me (you know, the little shaggy side thing that's hard to tear off?)--FOR A CROWD. And I couldn't break free. It was the longest, strongest paper edge I've ever seen. I would much, MUCH rather dream about Jim Halpert.

Now I've turned this into the world's boringest too-long comment. You're welcome.

Ducksoup said...

what a fun spork rie. so funny. so great kaje is doing so awesome in school. and what a great big sister. impressive you can leave a newborn with a 3 year old. when my baby girl comes along, i don't think she'll be safe in the same room as braden with me right there.

Paulette said...

Ah! I love those special moments of motherly bliss! I'm coming over to see Katelyn soon! Hopefully this week.:) Harry Potter is by far the best series out there! I'm jealous that you are reading it again. And Liz is fascinated with the spork thingy too! Who wouldn't be.:)