Friday, August 6, 2010

My Brother Matty-Pants

So this is my brother Matt. He is almost three years older then me. He has always been this much taller then me. He used to beat me up, but now I can beat him up. And I married one of his best friends (sha-zam). And today, he graduates college and is officially an R.N.!!! I am really proud of my brother Matt. I think he is cool, smart, super smart, my 24-hour nurse hot-line, hilariously funny in a marvelously twisted way, and a super awesome family man. I love him. Plus, I am really, really proud of him and all his hard work. You. Are. Cool. Matt. You. Are. A. Murse. (Do you mind that I call you that? Is this like calling you 'Curly' all over again?) You. Rock. The. World! You. Have. CONQUERED!!!
Congrats, Dude. Love you! Have a great and memorable weekend.


Sherine Dutton said...

I want to know why you guys are singing and what?

Anonymous said...

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