Monday, August 23, 2010

Photos By Liv

Ever wondered what Katee looks like from Livi's perspective?
A lot like this:
Cute, huh. It took me the darn longest time to figure out Katelyn's feet in this picture. I finally got it, though. Her right foot is resting against her left calf. I was seriously worried. Did she have a deformity I had somehow neglected to notice? Nope! I'm just not used to seeing her from the level of the couch cushion. Look how cute her toes are, though! Seriously adorable!
This is Liv's second shot.
She took it while sitting next to us on the bed:
Dang, I have cute offspring!
I can't even be humble about it. Look at those chubby cheeks. They will soon take over the universe. Katelyn is growing like the cutest weed ever. It's like she stayed teenyteenytiny for three weeks and then just decided to GO! She is growing and changing like crazy. That's the strangest and funnest thing about babies is how quickly they change.
Olivia loves her sisters dark hair. Every day she reminds me that "Katelyn's hair is black like Daddy's!"
I have two sweet and pretty little girls, and it's pretty darn fun.
Katelyn is such a pleasant baby. She has been my easiest by far. She does get a little fussy in the evenings, but she's pretty easy to handle even then. She loves to snuggle on her Daddy's chest when he's laying down, but really she's a Mama's girl. And I gotta admit, it's not too bad for my ego. Both K.J. and Olivia adore her and try to help her when she needs something, but Liv is my real go-to girl. She loves to help Katelyn put her binky in or hold her bottle, and comes running any time she hears her cry. She's very tender with her. Yesterday in church we had some friends behind us who were holding the baby, and it was about more then Olivia could take. She was very, very concerned about her sister, and finally the stress of it just made her weep. They gave Katelyn back at that point! Pretty funny. This morning in the car Liv told me "Katelyn loves me. She loves me and brother, and Mommy and Daddy. But she especially loves me."
The Double B and I have a plan to take our kids up to the top of Molly's Mountain tonight for Family Home Evening since we now have a 4-Wheel Drive and the Double B alleges that he knows how to drive it. (He looked at me like I was a total idiot when I asked him if he knew how to drive it. But I don't, so I didn't want to take it for granted that he did!) I'm excited, because I love to go up there. It's so pretty and it's a lot of fun getting there, too. However; if our plan actually takes place, I'm going to be very impressed with us. We always have amazing intentions. Our intentions and what we actually do are sometimes two very different things.
Tomorrow is my 6-week check-up, and after that I have to put my pedal to the metal. Because the only problem with gaining 61 pounds in a single pregnancy (9 pounds less then my anticipated weight gain, so woot-woot!) is that I still have 35 left to lose. But I shall not get discouraged on the long road to Moria (little Lord of the Rings reference for all you fellow nerds out there). Because already, I think my wrists are looking down-right sexy. I have always had very cooperative wrists. Yes, my belly might not be much to look at, but my wrists -- my wrists are looking very slender, indeed. In fact, I would say that through out the course of my entire life, my wrists have been my favorite physical feature. Well, my wrists and my ears. I like those, too. And also my toes. My wrists, my ears, and my toes, I am a little conceited about. I think I need to come up with a plan to somehow accentuate my wrists so people are distracted. Perhaps walk with my arms held in a defensive position in front of me? Hm... I'll have to think about this. For now, they will be my great comfort. Thank you, wrists. Thanks for being you.

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THE HILLS said...

Marie, you make me smile! and I have a random question for ya... The lesson next Sunday is on appreciating Life and I wanted to show a clip from youtube, a Mormon message about NieNie... do you think that's okay? I don't know if there's rules about these things :)