Friday, August 27, 2010

You Should Know:

* Little Miss Katee Jill is being a little bit (or a lot a bit) of a grouch today. Katelyn the Grouch. Let's get you a furry green costume and a garbage can and save it for Halloween rather then the precious lady bug you are going to be. It will be both original and fitting. Of course, you could always get rid of the 'tude and you can be a lady bug again. I still love you. I get grouchy, too, which is why you often see me sitting on the couch in the furry green costume. (That would be so sweet, huh. I need to find me one of those.) Buck up, Camper!

* Isn't Halloween like the greatest of all holidays? I love it with a purple passion. Dressing up and candy. Who could ask for anything more? Katelyn and Olivia are already covered for the big day, because Costco always prepares early as you know, and we got a super steal on both absolutely frighteningly adorable costumes. Ah! I love Costco. However; we're still formulating a plan for K.J. He has no interest in being Iron Man or Spiderman, and that's kind of all Costco carries for little fellas. Maybe I'll buy him blue clothes, and paint his skin and hair blue so he can be Sonic. He loves Sonic the Hedgehog best of all the game, anyway. I myself am thinking of dressing up as Abby from NCIS. That would be sweet, huh! My entire dream in life is to get the Double B to one day wear a costume. He sees no real purpose for Halloween (I know, we're all shocked by that news) but he does try to enjoy it because I love it so very, very much. Once he told me he'd wear scrubs and be Dr. Ben. I wonder if I could get a commitment on that...

* Carnation Instant Breakfast and I are having a very passionate affair.

* Not really. But it has all my nutritional needs and is on the post-baby plan. I just drank some. Kinda gritty. Yum, yum (Again, I would like to thank the fine [and in Benny-Boo's case, I do mean fine] people at Costco for supplying us with our C.I.B.).

* I salute you, Costco Wholesale.

* I have gone to Zumba not just once, but twice now that I have my work release. Started Wednesday, went Thursday. Am planning on dying today. Just kidding, kind of. But it is quite a vigorous workout, which is good. Last night I was complaining in my head as I was back kicking and booty shaking along the lines of "I will never be the same after this!" and then I thought "Well, that's kind of the point, isn't it." Then Satan whispered in my ear that I could never improve and I was stuck being dissatisfied with myself forever, so I should not even try. And then I said "Get thee hence, Satan."

* I really do think that is a very powerful tool of the adversary, making us feel like crap on toast. It is our responsibility not to listen.

* Katelyn is trying really hard to fall asleep now. That's right, Sister! You saw those logs! Let those eyelids softly... drift... closed.

* Guess what. Three of my Laurels have already been asked to Homecoming. Isn't that groovy? Of course, very called for, because they are all adorable. But still. I went to Homecoming once. My date designed my dress (yep). We had a great time. He was one of my very best friends, and he asked me in April for the October dance. He is now playing for the other side of the team. But sometimes we still talk, and I totally love that kid. He was a fun date. He was also my scene partner later that year. We played newlyweds from 'Barefoot in the Park'. I can successfully say I am one of the only girls he has ever kissed. Heh heh.

* Miss Olivia is loving preschool so very, very much. Yesterday she told her teacher "When we're not in school, you are Shawna. But when we are in school, I have to call you teacher. Okay, Shawna... I mean, teacher?"

* I always called my teacher's Teacher as a young spring chicken. It was a title of love and respect. In fact, I should start referring to all people as the title of their occupation. "Hello, Stay-At-Home Mother." "Hello, Bringer of Life." "Hello, McDonald's Worker." "Hello, Receptionist." "Hello, Telemarketer." "Hello, Mr. Mechanic." This new plan could work for me.

* K.J. the spork-collector has started keeping secrets. He has started to absolutely refuse to tell Olivia what he has for school lunch every day. It makes her cry. I think he is on a power trip, or something. He says she's just not old enough to know. Talk about discrimination!

* And finally, the lightning round. I think Tiger Woods is the scum ball of the universe, and I don't care what my husband says. I have hope for world peace. My house is such a disaster I need to call in HAZMAT, but I still don't want to clean it. I love whole wheat bread. I'd like to stop biting my nails. I love my cousins. I'm sitting next to a Hot Wheels car. We are still currently qualifying for grouch status. I love Caffeine-free Diet Coke. The End.


Ducksoup said...

if i could just read a post from you each day, my life would be 8,000 times better. loved everything you wrote. i bought maci (my soon to be daughter - - well sorta soon - - do i really have three months left of ginormosity) the lady bug costume at costco for next year. so our baby girls are almost twins you know. and tina bought andy a buzz costume and she is jesse. funny a? i think it's pretty sweet. i wish i had your same passion for halloween. i also bought the C.i.B. at costco to add to brade's milk. i am disapointed that they only sell chocolate though. i like the vanilla and strawberry. and i hope katelyn gets happier, cause grumpy babies aren't very fun. and way to go on your workout plan. you go girl! hope to see you real soon! love yah. FC

Tink said...

Zumba is so fun...but seriously...HARD! I couldn't move this morning. and it took me until 10:00 to convince myself to get off the couch and stretch my muscles out a little! Surprisingly it doesn't bother my knee. In fact my knee is probably the only place that doesn't hurt! Explain that! Anyway, looking forward to Monday. And a long walk tonight...right?!

Tina Williams said...

L.O.L. - I seriously wish that I could choose a font size and bold option to state my point a little more dramatically. I'm laughing and laughing and laughing. I'm hoping my bum loses some inches and I can actually fit into the jessie costume i purchase for myself. Will you please come up and visit me (up -- who uses that word in such context?). We would love to have you spend the night and visit and let babies play and visit and laugh and i'll supply the c.i.b. but i do like strawberry and vanilla MUCH better than chocolate. I could also serve us up a little sushi or cookies or whatever bribe you need to have make the journey. M.D. could come as well (cookies are her bribe and i think she likes my fresh cooked veggies). Tiger Woods - ditto -- house clean - gave up on that-- grumpy babies - have one! You rock (the diamond kind, not aggregate.

Simmons Family said...

Haha, you are too funny. I am hope that everyone stops being a grouch for you :) Way to be climbing the mountain, you are my hero. I want to take the kids, but mine are still to little to make it by themselves. Thanks for being awesome!

Tamari said...

This post made my night. SO FUNNY!!!! I miss you!!

Cory Reese said...

What? I thought I was the only one having a date with Carnation Instant Breakfast. Welcome to the club! I've been a proud member every morning for a few years now.