Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Big Day

Sunday was Katelyn Jill's baby blessing. It was beautiful! Wonderful! Happy! Busy! Fun! Tender! And miraculous, because she was an absolute angel throughout. She didn't even whimper during her blessing, which is amazing because she was getting a little riled up during the baby blessing before hers. Maybe she was just mad she didn't get to go first? Either way, she was an angel. My brother Jon peeked during the blessing and said she looked absolutely adorable. What does this tell us? First, that my child is the cutest kid currently being a baby. Second, that my brother is a prayer peeker.

Here's our little Katee Jill after church. She was so exhausted she stayed in that exact position for the next two hours. Besides being passed around for two days straight and being blessed, she was also my object lesson in Young Women's. It was my turn to do the combined lesson, and guess what the topic was? The Sacred Power of Procreation. That's right, folks. Luckily, I had this little tulip to help me out:
While everyone was eating, she had this happy little moment to herself. She was exceedingly cheerful to be sitting there on the couch all by herself! For about five minutes. Then she was ready to be picked up and loved again.
Lucky for her, Grandma Allred saved the day. Look at the love pouring out of those little eyeballs! So darn sweet. Dang, I make cute babies.
Look! It's Uncle Matt and Livi laughing it up on the couch! Uncle Matt was saving Olivia both from an emotional melt-down at not being able to go home with some cousins and also from her rather frightening outfit. I let her do what she wants inside our house, man. Who am I to dictate her fashion sense? Uncle Matt and Aunt Karen were nice enough to come down for Miss Katee Jill's big day. Their little girl Emma was pretty darn entertaining as well, so that was handy of them to bring her, too.
This is my Aunt Jan. She and my Uncle Dennis and my Uncle Craig and Aunt Mary Lou came clear across the state to support us. They are amazing! And much appreciated! They have done so much for me and meant so much to me throughout my life. I just love family, man. I do. I do, man.
This is Grandma and Grandpa B. I love the Double B's parents. And if I was one of my children, I would be down-right thrilled to have such adorable grandparents. They do so much for us and I'm gladder then glad that we have them. And Dad will be 86 this November! Beat that! Oh yeah, you can't!
Here's Kate bonding with Aunt Trina. Trina has been my bestest pal since I was teeny tiny. She's the girl I have shared lemons and suckers with and always wished so bad she was my sister. Too bad I didn't know she would marry my oldest brother and really become my sister! I would have felt great solace in that.
Here's our 3 Generation picture that Katelyn Jill will love (I hope) for the rest of her life! I missed our Granny-friend a lot at this moment, because a 3 Generation picture is still a pretty new concept in our family -- we're used to the ol' 4 Generation. But I know Granny loves Katee Jill and is glad I named her after my Mom! And the funny thing is, when I look at this picture, it's almost like I can see her there with us.
And finally, here's Mommy and Daddy and our sweet, sweet little girl. Being a parent is the bomb-diggity! I wish I would have known just how powerful it is to be a Mom when I was growing up so I could have spent more time dreaming about this instead of the bright lights of Broadway. But life is a great teacher, and maybe the surprise of how much I love this is part of the joy for me. I'm thankful, thankful, thankful!!!
There's the whole story.

And now, a few letters that must be written and sent out today:

Dear Nick and Sil,
I hope you are having the time of your life in Brazil! Brasil (I'll spell it your way) is a long way away and my second favorite country in the whole world! I hope your Mom and Dad are doing great and also Grandma and you can tell them hi from us, because I don't speak very much Portuguese! How's that going by the way, Nicholas? I miss you both! I wish you could have been here Sunday but I'm still super glad you are in Brasil. Nick, how is your diseased leg? I hope it is getting a little better. Here are the two funniest things Matt said while he was here, and I thought you'd like to hear them:
1) "Code Word: Ugly."
2) "You take that back right now!"
Matt can be pretty funny. Jonnie, too. But mostly me.
We have peaches coming out of our ears. Too bad you didn't get to have peaches and cream with us. Maybe you could enjoy something delicious and Brazilian instead.
I love you both so much,
P.S. Dad says he loves you. I think he means it.

Dear Matt and Matt's Hospital Friends,
Hearing that you read my humble little blog made a little corner of happiness in my life. Since this discovery, I have been working hard to come up with humiliating stories about My Big Brother to share with you. I think I'll just occasionally sprinkle them throughout, you know?
Have a great day! Go save some lives!
Marie, a recent patient of a hospital.

Dear Katelyn,
We all love you more then you could possibly imagine! Thanks for coming to our family!
I love you,


Kamille said...

She looks like a little princess. What a dolly! Congrats on your big day.

Anonymous said...

dear marie. do not write about me in your blog unless your are admiting that i am funnier than you. thanks matt

Anonymous said...

Dear Matt's fab sister,
This is one of Matt's coworkers (really I'm his and your sister in a previous life) Matt lets me read your creative blogging. I've come to enjoy and look forward to it. I esp. like grandma stories (inspirational - makes me cry too) and your spin on being positive about everything. And though we've never officially met I just want to say You're amazing & fabulous and I'm proud to be your sis. Love Irene Elder