Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Books and Other Things

Question of the Day:

Mom, do apples talk?

-- Livi

I just finished 'The Hunger Games' series. I (being wise) absolutely refused to read it until the last book came out, because I have vowed to stop living my life according to media deadlines. It is a dang good thing I did that, too. Because I would have run screaming naked down the street at the end of both book one and two if I didn't have the next one to move on to. My house? Decimated. But I finished them. Because I could do nothing else. The problem? For the past three nights I have dreamt all night long that I was in the arena. Finally I had to pray early this morning that I could get out of that rather violent mind space and instead dreamed that the Double B and I decided to crash a strangers New Year's Eve party. Strange. Yet satisfying!

I couldn't decide all through the series if I liked these books or if I didn't. If I wanted them on my bookshelf or if I didn't. But when I read the last sentence of 'Mockingjay' I said "Yep! Loved 'em!" and on my bookshelf they shall stay. They are incredibly stimulating for thought. And a little alarming, since there are so many parallels to what we really are as human beings. But all in all, I would recommend them most highly. I know my husband would love them, but he is in some sort of book rebellion right now. He even admitted it last night. He won't read anything I want him to read. I think it's retribution because I won't read 'The Wheel of Time,' which he has been trying to get me to do for months now. We are at an impasse, ladies and gentlemen. We are at an impasse.

It is so incredible to me what we can do to each other as human beings. For both evil and good. What we can mean to each other.
I think that is why, at the end, I loved this series. It is violent and disturbing and the things that happen could truly destroy the main character, and probably should. But in the end -- the very end -- she still finds a way to value what is there, what is real, what goodness she has known. She finds hope. And hope is oh -- so powerful.

Katelyn is getting her baby blessing this weekend. I still haven't gotten her dress or decided what to feed the masses -- I should really get on that! But I'm sure excited about it, because in my past experience my babies are happier after their baby blessing, plus I love to see my family. She really hasn't gotten out much, so it will be the first time a lot of them meet her. She is going to knock their socks off, I gotta say. She is pretty smackin' cute.

We are totally out of milk at my house. For two days now. And it's not as if I had to do anything more difficult then go to the store to buy some. I should think about doing that. The problem with no milk (aside from one unhappy three-year-old) is that the Double B and K.J. can't make the breakfast fare they both love so much. I couldn't have my Carnation Instant Breakfast this morning. So I had an egg. The protein is helpful, 'cause I'm still going strong. But an egg? And egg instead of that chocolate-y goodness? What is this world coming to? I should really go to the store.

There's really not much going on in these here parts of the woods, because as previously mentioned, I have been reading. So I hope excitement is filling your days. I hope you are on your way to Disneyland. Or that you will at least dream of Disneyland tonight.

Oh, wait! One more story that has had me chuckling before you go. Last night there was a tri-stake priest and laurel activity. It was a barbecue/water war thingy. In other words, 16 and 17 year olds running around and throwing water everywhere they possibly can. I basically spent my time following my friend the young men's president (we shall call him Derek, as that is his name) around and hoping that he got wet and not me. Now for the funny part: there was one special young man who just happens to have a bit of a temper there. He got really mad at Derek for absolutely no reason (the problem with being a teenager with a temper) and decided to go home. He texted Derek and gave some pretty lame excuses for his behavior. Then, in a moment of pure awesomeness, Derek basically told him to stop being a baby. To which the kiddo said something along the lines of "I'm not being a baby! A baby wouldn't have left!" And now, our moment of brilliance. Derek then answered with "He would if he had a car." MUH-HA-HA! I laughed then, I am laughing now. Derek is cool. But not as cool as his wife, Melip. That would be impossible.

And that is all. Signing off, loved ones.


Melissa said...

I too loved the hunger games. Luckily I read them just last week so like you I didn't really have to pine for them for years! It's funny that you dreamed about being in the arena because - me too! Luckily Katniss and I were allies because then she couldn't shoot me with her crossbow. Anyways, Derek didn't tell me that story. I'm gonna have to go get the details! And by the way, you are so much cooler than Derek and I put together!

Ducksoup said...

my only wish for life is to become as cool as you. seriously, what's it like to be you! i want to be you if you could just be willing to make the switch :). and couldn't the double b bring you home some milk from costco. i too hate going to the grocery store. luckily ryan is always willing - - it's just a little dangerous what he comes home with. i think if my husband worked at costco though i'd never have to set foot in another store with food again. i'd just let him do all the shopping. well you are the best. thank you for the post!

Jen said...

hahaha. loved the last story. And I LOVED the Hunger Games. Alex also devoured them, if that has any bearing on Ben's passive resistance.