Wednesday, September 8, 2010

K.J. the Magnificent

Here's K.J.-Magillicutty-Banana-Bread at the Peach Days Parade
with his cousin and BFF "Add."
Last night I was laying in bed thinking about my rather wonderful little fellow who loves first grade and has serious attitude these days and complains to the point of tears when he has to clean his room and loves to play outside more then just about anything and has a huge imagination and has started to bully his little sister just a little and thinks he bears an overwhelming load of responsibility in dealing with his new baby sister and challenges me every day and makes me laugh every day and is still the most charming and loving child ever.

And so I knew I had to share the following two quotes, one tender and one funny, because I just don't want to ever forget.

Monday we were sorting through clothes at my Mom's and came across some of Granny's that still -- a year and a half later -- smell like her. It's both wonderful and painful. K.J. came into the room and sat at the table and his little sniffer started smelling. "These smell like Granny!" he said. My Mom agreed and then he said with all the feeling in his little heart "It is a beautiful smell."
He and his Granny-friend had a very special relationship and I am so thankful she has left such a strong impression on his little soul. And I know she would love that he still recognizes her beautiful smell.

Then yesterday evening I was feeding Katelyn her bottle and he was sitting on the couch across from me. The conversation went like this:

K.J.: Mom, can people really lose their voice?
Mom: Yep, they can.
K.J. (nervously): Then how do they find it again?!

I thought that was so cute and had to laugh before I could explain their voices don't actually get lost, just sore and scratchy. Their voice, thankfully, remains in their throat. He's so funny. And that is exactly how his little mind works. I'm always amazed at the things that concern him.

Finally, I had to include this picture. The other night I was getting ready for a walk and the Double B was continuing our work on bottling peaches when Katelyn needed to be fed. Ben asked K.J. to help her by holding her bottle until I got my shoes on and could do it. When I came out a minute later, this is what we found:
Apparently holding her bottle himself was just too much work, so he employed the services of the doll to help. Genius? I'll let you answer for yourself.


Ducksoup said...

genius i say - - that is too funny. and how impressive that you are bottling pictures - - ben even. wow! way to go burdette fam. and i also loved smelling granny's clothes. it's amazing the smell is still there. i couldn't believe it. i also can't believe k.j. picked right up on that wonderful smell. so cool. her worst fear of smelling stinky definitely never came to pass. i guess we won't be haunted after all.

Tara said...

I love that picture. So dang cute. I agree with genius for sure! What a smart thinker. No complaints just find another solution! She is adorable.