Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Happenings

Katee, from the Liv vantage point
True Story:
The Similac Sensitive Formula Katelyn uses has been recalled due to "small common beetle parts and larvae" in the formula. But don't worry, folks. It's only a "small chance", and just because she'd just finished a Costco sized bottle of recalled formula and was about to begin a new one is no cause for alarm.
Tragically, this is pretty much the only formula little Miss Katee Jill can handle. We're stuck back with Good Start for awhile, which was the formula of choice for Kajer and Livi. But Katelyn spits (projectiles) it back up like a beautiful fountain of Good Start. And then poops. Spew, Poo. Spew, Poo. Truly, she could be the stinkiest kid in three states right now, despite my vigorous efforts in her behalf. She gets changed a lot, let me tell you. Diapers and Outfits.
Maybe this is her diabolical plan to become a fashion plate.
True Story:
I think I destroyed my vacuum today. Just because I tried to vacuum up a sock. What's the big deal? I knew I'd vacuumed something strange, but ignored the weird sound until smoke started pouring out the bottom of my cleaning utensil. Hm... Like a genius, I removed the offending sock. Then proceeded to vacuum. About two swipes, when the overwhelming sound of distress from the vacuum forced me to stop. I'm gonna have the Double B look at it when he gets home, though, so don't worry. And it was the last room that needed to be vacuumed. So... cool.
Dear Mary Awesome Dawn,
Hello, dearest cousin. Are you so proud of me for being so faithful on my house work? "I'm trying to be like Mary Dawn," that is my new household theme. Your ways of cleaning awesomeness have always been a wonder to behold. Pretty much just your general ways of awesomeness, actually. But you are the world's best cleaner. Stand up and be proud, (wo)man! Why didn't I get some of those genes? Anyhow, just wanted to drop you a line and say "hey." And also to let you know I have been doing my chores.
True Story:
Yesterday was the primary program and Mr. K.J. had a duet and a speaking part, and he totally rocked the house. Although he did say he had "Stage Frared" and by the time he got up to the pulpit his vest was off, his collar was standing straight up and his tie was askew. That is okay, because it's totally K.J. (who for some reason can not stay fully dressed during church) and he was so sweet. He kept craning his neck past the awesome primary chorister (of Melip fame) to get his 'thumbs up' from Mom. And I think I'll be hearing "Enoch was a prophet, he taught what was good!" every day for the rest of my natural life. But that's alright, too. I could probably learn a thing or two from Enoch, anyway.
Being a Mom is so awesome.
True Story:
I learned over the weekend that I have lots of repenting to do.
Also, I destroyed a doubled batch of heart-attack brownies with reese's pieces in them. I figured it out to be about an $8 loss. And that is dumb.
True Story:
My baby brother Nick and his marvelous wife Sil (or "Silveeee!!!" as my nieces say) are home safe and sound from Brazil. They had a great time. They look so, so tired. And we are glad, glad they are back.
Also, if you bring peaches in from another country, they will be confiscated and your luggage will be searched. Just remember that for any future travel plans you may have.
The End.


Kamille said...

Enoch did know a thing or two. However, did he Zumba? Because, that's really what makes a man a man. Or something.

Anonymous said...

Give me back my dang peaches!

Ducksoup said...

wow rie i am sorta feeling famous right now. i can't believe i made your blog. thank you for the fabulous letter. i think if you saw my house more often you probably wouldn't even put my name in the same sentence as clean. but i would love it if it were true so thank you for thinking i'm clean. just be sure and not show up unexpectedly or the visions you have of me sitting in a clean house will be shattered :). you are funny.

and the formula thing stinks. wowsers. that is crazy. and if you want you could post more pictures of little katee. i would love it actually.

love you tons!