Monday, September 20, 2010

She Likes A Man In Uniform

On Friday afternoon the troops and I were in the local metropolis so that little Miss Katee Jill could have her two month checkup. Everything looks great and we are thankful. She even handled the shots very well, with Liv right over her head bellowing "Ohhh!!! SHHHHH!!!! Ohhh!!! You're so brave, Kate! SHHHH!!!" and K.J. sitting as far away in the next chair as he could, his eyes screwed shut, his hands over his ears and a truly distorted look upon his face.

Oh, my children. They are such unique individuals.

After we all survived the horror of immunizations, Katelyn fell right into a deep, happy-to-be-asleep sleep and we took the Kaje to get his hair cut, as today is picture day. While he was back in the Great Clips cubicle, a soldier in full camo gear came in with his wife. To put it mildly, Livi was amazed and fascinated by this soldier. In fact, it may have been love at first sight. She could not keep her eyes off of him. It was basically a stare-fest. She'd stare at the soldier, he and his wife stared back. I was looking in between them and they were commenting on how cute she was. So she immediately started pulling faces, and then would hide her face behind my back and giggle. I said "Are you making friends?" Her answer: "No." A few minutes into intense staring, another soldier in full camo came in. She was astounded. And confused. And fascinated. Now she had two soldiers to stare at. She stood up so she could have a better view. I really didn't know quite what to make of this behavior, but the military men looked amused and charmed, so I just enjoyed the show. Until. Her finger worked its way into her nostril and started digging as if her life depended upon it. I pulled her hand down. She put it back in there. I pulled it back down and said "Liv, don't pick your nose." And then she proclaimed in her loudest, most exasperated voice "But Mom, I've got lots of boogers!"

And... scene.

Every Sunday night my parents available chicken's gather at their house to share desserts and visit. Usually a game is involved, and lately it's been a card game called "The Kings Go Wild." It's fairly amusing, though I have only won once. My Dad wins a lot. And of course Trina wins a lot, because Trina wins every game ever invented. She is, I believe, a genetic winner. Anyhow, this is all fine and well except that the rest of us have to put up with The Double B not winning. He is such a sore loser. Maybe the worst loser in the history of the world. And in fact, he's really not that great of a winner. But as a loser, he's wretched. He becomes a big fat bully, picking on people (namely me) and throwing his cards down on the table every round. Honestly. Something must be done. My Mom had to call him a brat last night. It was a well deserved title, and honestly -- I might make him an "I am a Brat" crown to wear any time we play that game -- or any game, for that matter. He needs therapy. Rehab. And therapy again.

I also watched about twenty minutes of 'Extreme Home Makeover' and cried my bloomin' eyes out. Honestly, I should not allow myself to watch that show. It breaks my little pea-pickin' heart. But it's so awesome to see people in impossible situations have someone come and save them. Someone who can give them light at the end of the tunnel.

Captain Sensitive (hint: I'm married to him) mocks that show. He's not the most tender man around, I have to admit.

And yet, I am fairly wild about him.

It must be the Costco uniform. That's all I can figure.

*Picture of Liv taken at Miss Shawna's Pre-School


Jen said...

Okay, I cannot watch EHM because I cry just listening to Sara TELL me about that show.

So the uniform love is genetic, eh?

Thanks for coming over and brightening our Saturday night.

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