Thursday, September 23, 2010

Yep, It's Totally Green!

So this is Olivia.
This morning I had a most difficult time combing through her hair.
I washed this mop last night in preparation for school today,
but it was completely full of snarls.
What the heck!
She cried.
'Cause she always cries when I brush her hair.
But today it was legitimate.
I took her into the bathroom to use the straightener,
because boy was this a serious case of bedhead.
I thought the left side looked a little funny, but it was camouflaged in tangles.
And then... I put a froggy barrette in there.
And she has green hair.
The entire left side of her hair is green.
Green hair to match her shirt.
And there is absolutely no time to stick her in the bath and hope for absolution.
The woman has green hair.
I had to deliver her to Miss Shawna as is.
When the Double B got home from taking K.J. to school, I expressed my mystification about the green hair. He said, "Oh yeah, K.J. spilled blue mouthwash on it last night. Didn't you hear me say it needed to be washed?"
Ha. Ha. Ha. See... the mouthwash was spilled immediately after the bath. And one might ask why said father didn't just stick her back in and give a quick scrub as said mother was out the door to Zumba. One might ask that.
But one shouldn't.
Because it wouldn't do one any good.
Luckily, Olivia loves and embraces her new look.
It is sort of a friendly leprechaun green when you think about it.


Jen said...

At least the mystery was solved.

Ducksoup said...

sounds like a man :). yup, that's all i have to say about that.

Kamille said...

Don't really see much green. And you are awesome to Zumba. I am far too uncoordinated. Oy.