Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Why Being A Girl Totally Rocks, Man!

I had the BEST experience this last weekend! My Mom took the gals in my family down to Las Vegas to attend "Time Out for Women," presented by Deseret Book. It. Was. Amazing. Totally amazing! For three hours on Friday night, and six hours on Saturday my cup was filled. Going into it, I knew we would have fun, but I didn't know we would have that much fun; learn that much, and grow that much. There were speakers and musical artists, all bearing testimony of the Savior and how He can succor us in anything we need. And also, on how being a girl is like... da bomb.
I loved every single second of it. So... thanks, Mom!
Here we are, in all our glory.
The lady taking the picture said she always shakes when being the camerawoman, and she was right. She does shake. But that is A-Okay. The blur somehow enhances our beauty.
My brother Matt's wife Karen, my brother Jon's wife T-Bomb, Moi,
baby brother Nick's wife Silvia (Silveeeeeee!), and our Matriarch.

Seriously, the best thing I have ever eaten. Ever. Go to the Cheesecake Factory and order the Chicken Bellagio. Do it. Do it now. Now. 5,4,3,2,1, Now. Do it now. Now.
Sil and Karen riding up the escalator. Seriously, should anyone look that good riding up an escalator? I don't think so. I am offended in your behalf, don't worry. I have got your back, dear reader. I really do.
Me and Trina, who is rockin' that smile, man! I need a new word for Trina. Friend, Sister, they don't cover it. I think I shall refer to her as "My Trina" or something. Or for short, T-Bomb. And you will know who I am talking about. (T-Bomb also had the wisdom to order the Chicken Bellagio. We are getting wise as we age, I do believe.)
I would also like to add that at about one o'clock in the morning, T-Bomb allowed herself to be my Jelly Belly victim and attempted to decipher every one of the 49 flavors in the jar. She was impressively successful, although up for another hour or so practically vibrating from a sugar high.
Let's look at the Chicken Bellagio again, just for kicks. Yummmmmm.....
Me and the Woman of the Hour, the woman who gave me life, the woman who endured hours of labor with my breached position, the woman who has listened to me gab for no less then one million combined hours in this life alone, the woman who lost 4 and a half pounds this week, my hero, JILLY- BEAN!!!
For real, thanks Mom for such a great time. It was a huge blessing in my life.
I seriously have never been so spiritually fed in so short a time with so little pain.
Honestly, don't you find that sometimes to grow exponentially you have to be in agony to do it? Well, not this time! (And for that, I say "Hoorah! Hoorah for Time Out For Women everywhere!") I laughed. I cried. I felt joy inside.
I shall now share with you the things I learned the most:

a) The Savior paid justice in full. That is why He has the right to offer us mercy. And he will. After all, "Mediocre" does in fact mean half way up the mountain. Not at the beginning, saying you don't even want to climb. Half way to the top.

b) You just don't have to understand everything right now. Saying that, it doesn't mean you never will understand. It just means, sometimes you go forward and trust.

c) Seriously, there is a whole lot of joy in the journey.

d) I just have to be my own best kind of mother.

e) And as women, we really can be Elephants.
Think about that, and let it make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
As in, shoulder to shoulder, an impenetrable line of strength, protecting our children, our sick, our wounded.

And I feel hope in that.

I feel so much hope in that.


Dan,Lisa,Zeak,Jake,Kaci said...

I am so excited I am going to Salt Lake in two weeks it should be just as awesome. Love Time Out glad you had this amazing experience. And to share it with family makes it even bette!

katie said...

That sounds so amazing! It is good to go and spend time with sisters and mom and get a spiritual boost! I get to do a sister weekend in December and I can't wait!

Cory Reese said...

You didn't make Trina eat the buttered popcorn jellybean did you? DID YOU?!?!?

Ducksoup said...

can i please be adopted in? i always get the barbeque ranch chicken salad at cheesecake factory but i am going to have to try your dish ASAP. maybe i will treat myself there like this weekend. i have also been really wanting the key lime cheesecake. to die for. your weekend adventure looked really fun. what a great idea aunt jillee! love you FC!

jan said...

TOFW is awesome and I am so glad that you had that opportunity. We loved it when we all went to Logan and next year we are all planning on going to St George, so plan on me and all your Holland cousins and I hope the Sperry cousins too. Would that be a blast! Have your mom show you the DVD of TOFW that she bought, that is what got me started on this wonderful seminar. Funny, we went to Cheesecake at the Baltimore inner harbor this weekend.

Tink said...

Dear Chicken Bellagio...I want you!!!

Dear Cory...I love the buttered popcorn jelly bean! It's my favorite, butter and sugar in the same bite, who could ask for more!

Dear Marie...We had so much fun, can't wait to do it all again.

Dear Mom...Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! The whole weekend was AMAZING!

Dear Marie...Why did you make me want to eat Chicken Bellagio again!

Tara said...

Hey Marie, I happened upon this blog today and it is one of the lady's who spoke at TOFW that you attended. I thought you might be interested in browsing it!

Simmons Family said...

I went a few years ago and LOVED it!!! I can't wait until I get to go again!