Friday, November 5, 2010


This is Bob. And he will always be Bob to me. Hello, Bob!
For some reason, whenever I call Bob -- well, Bob -- he gets rather worked up and answers in a gravelly voice "Mo-o-om, I'm not Bob, I'm K.J.!" like I've somehow forgotten his real name.
And yet I feel compelled to keep calling him Bob.
The story of this year's school picture is actually quite funny. That morning he told me he was going to use this particular smile, he thinks it's his best one. I said "Well, why don't you smile with your teeth?" But he didn't want to. He wanted to use this one, and he did. When we got them back, I thought they were maybe a little funny looking, but not him. He loves this picture. He thinks it is his best picture ever! So first grade has truly been represented for the ages in our household.
Today Livi got to run in birthday treats for Bob to share with his class. She was so proud, and ran right up to him. He was so proud and gave her a big hug. It was really cute.
Bob turns seven whole years old on Sunday.
Which is strange.
I still often think of him as my baby, and yet I have two other babies, too... so how does that work?
I know the Lord sent me K.J. for a very specific reason. He has brought me so much joy from the minute he came into this world. He has a very gentle, very unique personality. He is just so darn kind, and all the kids love him for it, especially the ten million young ladies in our neighborhood. That doesn't mean he is perfect, but he is a pretty special little man, and that is a huge blessing in my life. Sometimes I watch other boys and think "What the heck?!" He is a tender mercy to me. And now that he's getting a little older and a little more into the big brother harasser role, it totally cracks me up to hear him say he's going to chop Olivia's head off or blow her up. She of course always comes running in "Mom, K.J. said he was going to chop my head off!" But I can't help but snicker when they aren't looking. It's just so funny to me to hear my sweet little guy say that. You may have to actually know him to see why that's so funny, but it really is.
Olivia worships the ground he walks on, and it is well deserved. I don't know a more wonderful big brother out there. My girls are so blessed to have him as their protector and friend.
Tonight we're taking him and some of his buddies to McDonald's for dinner -- the Happy Meal is very powerful around these parts.
Then tomorrow night he gets his date with Grandma and Grandpa.
Then Sunday he gets to choose the Sunday dinner of his choice, presents, and then cake with all the cousins.
Sunday birthdays are a little different, but still rockin'. I guess the good thing about them is that they make birthdays more then a one-day event.
I love birthdays. I really do.
And I love my son. My precious, precious son. I am so thankful he was born!


Ducksoup said...

pretty sure braden is one of those boys you say, "what the heck" too :). it's so great k.j. is so loving and so kind. seriously. what an awesome blessing. the oldest sibling has such an important role. Tina fulfilled the role, and still does, above and beyond. k.j. will do the same. november 7th sounds like a good day... i'll keep you posted. love yah! and i am so glad you posted. before i checked my dashboard i thought i need a marie post. love yah!

Kyle & Alicia said...

Yay K.J.!!! I can't believe he will be seven. . . . on the Seventh. We always called that birthday our "Star Birthday" when I was younger (ie: turning Six when your birthday is on the sixth, turning 10 when your birthday is on the tenth, and so forth). One other fun thing about his birthday being on November 7th is. . .. . that is My Birthday as well! I love that we have the same birthday! So fun! I will think of our pal K.J. on Sunday during the festivities! I Hope you have the BEST Seventh birthday EVER K.J.