Friday, November 19, 2010

Building Some Good Table Muscle

Look at those thighs, man. Almost edible.
Katelyn had her four month check-up on Wednesday, including the latest shots. This is her that night when Mommy got back from Zumba. I think this picture says it all. Poor babies/children and their shots. Poor Mommy's that have to restrain their babies/children for shots. Really they should probably give us a lollipop and sticker, as well. I know Dora would go a long way toward helping me feel better.
My daughter is sixteen pounds, and I am proud to say has almost doubled her birth weight. When the doctor came in she just started laughing. Kate has grown so much and her cheeks look so darn cute and fat. In fact, when she's sitting up she is so rotund she almost looks uncomfortable, ala Augustus Glute from 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.' I love fat babies. I love skinny babies, too, but so much food storage on one little body is adorable to me. Kaje was this fat. And Olivia was chunky. But she never reached this level, and now she is so tiny that when she is streaking around the house I'm amazed you can see her from the side. So here's a fun fact: my Mom measured my girls' waists the other night for little skirts, and Kate's waist is only one inch smaller then Liv's. That gives us perspective, people.

I like the whole "This is just food storage" scenario. I believe I shall apply it to myself, out of self-mercy.

This morning Olivia was trying on all kinds of different dress-ups, as she does every morning. She came out each time feeling more and more beautiful. So she kept asking "Do I look different?," of course fishing for a well-deserved compliment.

Liv - K.J., do I look different?

K.J. - Nope.

Liv - Yes, I do!

K.J. - No, you look the same as every day.

Mom - Kaje, she wants you to tell her she looks beautiful.

K.J. - But she looks this beautiful every day! She is gor-geous!

I know. My little Mother heart just melted into a puddle of bliss all over the floor.

Yesterday was Grandparents day at school, and K.J. was desperate for one of his grandparents to come. I hadn't arranged it in time, so I had to call the school and clear it and then call my Dad to see if he could go. Of course, being my Dad, he went. When he got back he said that K.J. acted like he could have cared less either way! That goose. He's been playing it so cool lately. Inside I know he was doing back flips. I think he had to stay on the down-low to impress his two little school BFF's. They are the cutest, most rambunctious little pair of cousins. Their parents are from Mexico, and K.J. thinks it is so cool that they speak another language. I think he's a little sad for himself. I could teach him some Portugese -- I know like ten words, thanks to Sil.

"Alright now son, would you like to know the word for a cobble-stone street? Because it is the coolest word ever!"

My skill sets as a parent are almost stunning in their variety and scope (I may have to disable comments on this post, delusion is part of what gets me through the day).

I have eaten chocolate-chip cookies for breakfast. I would like to know why I ever make cookies. Someone please explain this mystery to me. I need intervention. Or as my dearly beloved friend Shawna (of pre-school fame) said so delightfully last night "I just need someone to stop me." For. Real.

Actually, I take that back. I am just building up my year supply. The more delicious orbness this belly takes on, the longer I'll survive if stuck in the rainforest.
And you just never know when a lone venture in a rainforest is coming your way.

Have a good weekend, my well beloved's.


Ducksoup said...

i love you rie!

Jen said...

I will be eating cookies for breakfast tomorrow morning, having made them this afternoon and sequestered them away in a secret tupperware. Bahahahaha.

Tink said...

Funny, just the other night I was crying to Jon about finally feeling like I was making a little progress in the weight loss area, and was crying because now it's Thanksgiving and I'm just going to blow it! He asked if I wanted him to help me and tell me not to eat stuff, but I told him if he did that I would just get mad and defiant and would eat more because of it. So I know that the someone stopping me would never work! Dang it!

Katee is so cute! I love her little rolls!