Thursday, November 4, 2010

Every Single Thought In My Pea Brain

I would just like to say, I thank you, McDonald's, for your $1 any size drink. I know that soda pop will rot my bones and eat my insides and take rust off a penny, but I simply do not care. That burn and fizz contributes greatly to my success as a Mother. And since my oldest child is in school when I need my fix most and I don't particularly want to drag in my fairy daughter and my cuddly daughter, the drive thru is my nearest and dearest friend. One dollar. That is all it takes to bring me nirvana.

And it's okay if you don't believe in soda. Just don't tell me about it.

I was blog stalking and I read this one blog in which the writer had many problems that I can't even imagine. Problems that, quite frankly, have no real fix. And it made me sad. And grateful. Not grateful 'cause they got that and not me, just grateful that there are faithful people in all walks of life -- that their strength can strengthen me. And I think blogs can be very powerful things. Somehow they make you feel less "All by my se-e-elf... don't wanna be... all by my se-elf, anymore..."

I love to hear people express their faith. They don't have to be L.D.S. for me to love that. Sheesh! Any one who loves God just strengthens me. Seriously, it is so inspiring to me to hear other people share their faith promoting experiences. Sometimes I think "Gee whiz, Beaver, am I too preachy here? Maybe my friend from Anywhere won't appreciate me 'cause I'm a Norman!" But guess what. Oh, well. Plus, at this one really great conference I went to this one lady talked about how many people lose their personal integrity online. That they forget who and what they stand for. She said we should be Christians on the web, too. And I thought... good point. So I'll just be me. Twitches and all.

Again, thank you, McDonald's. Your McDouble was a great boon to me during my last pregnancy. (Let's review: weight gain of 61 pounds. I don't blame you, Mickey-D's. I am the captain of my own soul.)

Don't you just think elections are the most interesting thing in the whole wide universe? I am thankful for my right to vote, man. Sometimes I threaten not to vote, but then my Mom gives me this one look, and I know that I must. Because I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free. And I won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me. Anyhow... once, in the sixth grade, I ran for 7th grade president. And I LOST. How could this be?!? To quote Andy from The Office "it was the hardest thing I have ever done... my life hasn't been very hard." I lost to my arch Nemesis since the first grade (we moved in the seventh grade and she was replaced... hope everything is going great for you, buddy!) This story really has nothing to do with anything, I just thought you might want to know if you are ever my great-great-grandchild (they might have entirely too much information about me as it is, the way I go on... and on... and on...). My Jim won. That is all I cared about in my neck of the woods. I wrote in Bob. 'Cause I can, I'm an American citizen, man! And happily, happily, my Uncle Craig won his well deserved office in central Utah. That is pretty much what I cared about on a grand scale. Governor be darned. Go, Uncle Craig!

You might want to know this about my Uncle Craig, 'cause it's the most wild thing to ever happen. Last summer we were at a reunion, and singing karaoke, 'cause that is what we do. There was dancing. He climbed on the table, waving his arms. And shattered the light above him. It was amazing. It totally rocked my world. Coolest Uncle moment Ever!!!

One of my young women told me that she was watching her mom cook dinner on Tuesday, and said mother had to pick something up off the ground. And the daughter saw the "I Voted" sticker stuck to her bum. She'd been walking around all day that way! I totally love that mother, so I laughed. Maybe a lot. 'Cause that would so be me. Well, at least her bum contributed to a good cause. That is how we must look upon these experiences.

Last night was my wonderful Father-in-law's 86th birthday. Not everyone gets to have an 86 year old for their dad, so that is pretty rockin'. He's a super amazing guy, and I love him so much. We had a fun spaghetti dinner and talked about the Elizabeth Smart case (go, Elizabeth, go!) and our Dad's many virtues. His name is Steve. (Or "Steven," when he calls the Double B's Mom "Katherine.") He is the most interesting person. And he tells funny jokes, and is always very pleased when he makes you laugh. After Ben's sister and her family left, Ben went to watch the Jazz game -- can I hear a woot, woot! -- and his parents and I stayed in the front room visiting. Dad was telling me about his postal carrier days. I started to get tired, so laid down on the couch. I was hearing about his application process, and suddenly I just dozed off. I dreamed a big spider crawled down my shoulder, so I jumped! And sat up, chagrined, because I didn't even know I was asleep, man. I'd been out about ten minutes. I started to apologize profusely to Dad, and the conversation went like this:

Me - I am so, so sorry, Dad!

Steve - You fell asleep right in the middle of my story!

Me - I know, I am so sorry. I didn't even know I was asleep!

Kate - You need to sleep when you can.

Steve - I was talking, and then suddenly you were snoring!

Me - I am so sorry! It was really interesting, too.

Kate - Now you know why the kids always wanted him to tell them bedtime stories. He just lulls you right to sleep.

He didn't finish his story. I felt like such a Nincompoop. When I told the Double B about it last night before bed, he laughed and laughed. And then said "Well, at least he won't remember that you fell asleep tomorrow."

Pretty funny. What a great person he is.

One last thing for the record books: yesterday I took Liv on her favorite activity: shopping! We were picking up last minute things for brother's birthday, and took Grandpa with us. She was so excited! We went to Costco with Grandma for lunch, and after we were all done, Livi starts sniffing. "I smell something!" she said. sniff, sniff. "I smell... ice cream!"

And since her grandparents were there, things went her way.
Grandparents are the best, man.

I picked up the rewards for the young women who completed Team Book of Mormon today. They are in the back of my car. And man, am I excited! But that is all you can know about until next Wednesday after Young Women in Excellence.

That is all. I have talked your leg off. I wish you a full and speedy recovery.
Hugs Not Drugs,


Tara said...

you enlighten my day each time you blog. please don't ever stop. and you could talk my leg off any day. I can still sit and read your blog without any legs. :)
Have a great day.

Ducksoup said...

hugs not drugs. you make my day, year, decade, etc. coolest blogger ever and you have been every day since your lovely blog began. and i love the story about you falling asleep. that is so funny. and ben's comment makes it even greater. and granny would be really proud of you for getting the fix you need, so you just go ahead. love you rieser. when is k.j.'s bday? maybe i'll try and have baby girl that day.