Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lop-Sided Brain Syndrome

As I just mentioned, I believe my brain may be lop-sided, or perhaps sliding out of my head.
I don't know why I do this to myself (I think it is lack of experience or perhaps maturity), but everytime there's something big on the horizon -- in this case, Young Women in Excellence, I lose all rational thought and run around like a decapitated chicken for the few days preceeding the event. Then I sweat profusely during the event, causing me to look in the mirror when I get home and think "What the!?!" Then every once in awhile, I forget very important things -- like, perhaps recognizing two of our girls for a huge accomplishment. Then I feel like the biggest jerk ever and think perhaps I should go get in a sailboat and sail off to locations unknown. Then everyone eats their value cupcake and heads off. And I sit down, and think "Hm. My brain feels lopsided. Or perhaps like it is falling out."


I may, in fact, be suffering from hormones. Can't say for sure, but having a four month old baby makes me strongly suspect. And I didn't get my excercise therapy last night, 'cause I was just too dead. We could be dealing with Marie on a post-partum level here. Dangerous!

Dear Marie,
Chillax. Calm down. It is over. No one blew up. You did not barf. No one has left the church on your account. You. Will. Survive.

Dear Universe,
Please rethink your plan in which the female is conspired against. And the Double B made to suffer for it.
Hugs Not Drugs,

Poor Katee Jill is teething. I know, she is not quite four months old yet, but that is the time my offspring begin to teeth. My sister in law said her kids don't get their first tooth until they are a year old! But not us. She is not very happy, and I feel for her. We are thankful that Grandpa is here to save the day. Otherwise, things might not be so rational. He is currently sitting on the back porch with her, because outside is her salvation right now. And he is mine. Kismet!

Olivia was glued to 'Planet Earth' earlier. I don't know what it is about that series, but my children can not get enough of it. They both love and adore it. Which is good, because I feel like I've gone all educational on them. There's this part about birds that really freaks me out, because ever since the seventh grade when I went to a sleepover and was forced to watch Alford Hitchcock's 'The Birds,' I have hated them with a purple, purple passion (Just try going to BYU if you hate birds. They stalk you there, man. STALK YOU.) Anyhow, I said something like "Those birds are kind of scary." And Olivia said "They not scary, Mom! Don't be scared. They just having a race!"
A few weeks ago I was driving the kids to school. Our road and the road to the school are higher then the rest of the valley, and this particular morning fog had rolled down and blanketed the south side of the valley and on down several miles, covering our local metropolis. It looked particularly beautiful, and all the sudden K.J. was like "Wow, this looks just like 'Planet Earth'!" It took me a minute to figure out that he meant the t.v. show. I thought that was very charming. I mean, we do live in the desert, but the planet is pretty spectacular here, too. I thought so, at least.

Yesterday morning I was running here there and everywhere, and Kaje wanted to watch a video of our young women that reviewed last year. He got about half way through it and said "Mom! You. Are. Not. Young. So how come they call it Young Woman's?"
What can I say, I was flattered.

I love you. Good day!

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Ducksoup said...

teething at four months. wow! that is so little. braden started teething at six months and i thought that was way too early. poor little katee jill. that cannot be fun. and your kids say hilarious things and really should come and visit me soon. go marie, go with your big calling. wow. that sounds like a lot of work. i'm glad your brain is still intact.