Wednesday, December 22, 2010

All K.J. Wants For Christmas Is His Two Front Teeth -- No, Really!

K.J. lost his other front tooth. No, really. He did. Another Christmas miracle!

He kept getting annoyed (and for some reason, I just didn't stop) as I sang "All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth" until this morning when I explained that when I was his age, I desperately wanted to lose my two front teeth for Christmas, but it didn't happen. Nevertheless, having my child lose his two front teeth for Christmas is even better. It's like having my dream fulfilled, but intensified. I told him this as I sat watching his two sisters in the tub and he sat on my lap dipping his toe in the water next to Katee's. Since that moment, he has sung his personalized Christmas song all over the house, in the sweetest little voice ever. I think that if Angel's sang "All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth" it would sound very much like that.
Guess what. It stopped raining. But I think it is going to start pouring again any second. Very exciting. Speaking of exciting, yesterday K.J., Liv and I went to two different vantage points to see our local river of extremeness. It was completely amazing. It went from canyon wall to canyon wall. And then over the flood plain. Mud brown and zooming away at a million miles an hour. K.J. was concerned, Livi was thrilled. Mother Nature is so amazing. Sometimes you get such a display as this and you think to yourself "Oh, my. This is so beautiful! This is so dangerous!" We had to call Grandma when we got home to tell her all about it. Of course, K.J. acted petrified. I had to assure my mother that he was more amazed. One awesome thing, though, is that she told him he needed to say a prayer that the river could slow down so that the homes would be safe. So he came back a few minutes later and said "Mom, Grandma said I should say a prayer that the river would slow down. So I went in my room, turned on the light, closed the door, and said a prayer!" This was very thrilling news, indeed. We have always struggled to get K.J. to feel comfortable saying prayers. He's really, really been improving the last month or so (upcoming baptism and trying to be a good example for Livi), even volunteering sometimes, and we've been so happy. But for him to go and do that on his own was -- another Christmas miracle!
It's amazing how much we all need to "work out our salvation before the Lord." Even as children, our relationship with God is something that constantly needs to be redefined. One great comfort to me is that while having a personal knowledge that God is real and He loves us is a gift of the spirit -- we can all gain that gift. That is my favorite thing about spiritual gifts -- to some is given one and to some another, but they are all available. I really love that. As Spencer W. Kimball said -- the message of the gospel is really personal responsibility. And I love that principal. I really, really do.
The Double B is home today -- a desperately needed day off (thank you, oh great provider/presider/protector!) -- and we were all sitting around the Christmas tree watching old home movies of Christmas' past. As I was getting ready to go, we were watching Christmas of 2007. K.J. was so tiny and squeaky -- the age Olivia is now -- and Olivia was almost a year and looked so much like Kate does now. Both so adorable, and both with hair that stood right into the air. I am thankful they both have settled hair now, although that was cute. And yes, Katee Jill is looking like she may have stand-up hair, too. They get it from their father. If we let the Double B's hair grow it would go straight up, then straight out, then hang out about an inch away from his ears. Sort of like a dinosaur gone very, very wrong. There is a specific reason my honey keeps his hair so closely cropped, and not just 'cause his mission president told him to always keep a missionary style. He also doesn't want to look like a dino. DoubleBasaurous Rex. But I digress. The year of 2007 was the Christmas the Double B gave me a trip to Disneyland. It was so magical. I cried when I opened that box, and since it is recorded, I cried today watching it. And then there was my Grandma sitting on my couch, and so I cried harder. We shall call it the Christmas Blubber of 2010. But I'm alright now. I just love my Granny-friend forever. Christmas is a very, very good thing, don't you think?
In that spirit, I will bid you all a fond Christmas Wednesday and go finish cleaning my house so we're Christmas-prepared. Only... four more rooms to go and about six loads of laundry to fold. What is motherhood without laundry, anyway? It'd be a very boring world, indeed.
Love from MaRetard!

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