Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Big Day In History

I love this here picture, and do you want to know WHY? Look at my Mom's face. So happy. So wonderful. So my Mom.
Today is my Mother Dear's birthday (shout HURRAY!)! I am very glad, because as I may have mentioned, I love her and like her a lot, too. Not every one gets to say that about their Mom, so I feel so glad I am one of the lucky one's who can say it about mine. I think she is so cool.
And since I have written about her many virtues more then once, I have decided instead to share just a couple of brief stories (all from my perspective, I can't help that) to let you get to know her a little bit better:

* When I was a kid, my Mom took me with her once to pick out an outfit for an upcoming reunion she was attending. Sitting there in the dressing room, it came down to two outfits: one was a pretty dress -- it had pink in it -- and one was a very elegent dark green pants suit with a cream shirt. I liked the dress, but I just loved that pants suit. And she took my advice, much to my joy. I felt very important and a trusted advisor for her. And dang, she looked good!
* I was about ten and we were walking into Mt. Nebo Market. I was swinging her hand, telling her all about something (as usual). All of the sudden, she dropped my hand and started jumping up and down and spitting like a mad woman. A bee flew in her mouth. And she did not like that. A madwoman, people!I laughed so hard I had to lay down in the parking lot. I still laugh about that one. It was very funny.
*Speaking of bees, as a teenager we'd moved down here and were walking out of the local market, when a bee attacked! It tried very hard to kill both of us. We were both squealing and hopping around, and then when we'd narrowly escaped into the car, that bee landed on our windshield and made his intention to work his way through the glass and seek his revenge known. He had evil in his heart. So my Mom started driving. The bee held on! She sped up. The bee held on! We were going 45 and that diabolical creature wouldn't budge. Needless to say, we were both screaming our heads off. Good times. Good times.
* When I was a senior I got to go on a Church History Tour with my Grannyfriend and some aunts and cousins. My Mom couldn't go, but we'd call every night, and the last night my phone card ran out and so I called collect and talked for an hour! Can you imagine how much that cost?!? But it just wasn't an issue. And then when I got to St. George in the middle of the night, a family friend wanted me to just stay with them, but I really wanted to see my parents. So they came and got me. And when we got home, it was 3:30 in the morning, and they sat up and we talked. Cool parents or WHAT.
* When I was at college, I lived for my mom's emails.
* The morning of my wedding, my Mom put on the Double B and my wedding song and came and woke me up. We sat in the kitchen and ate a bagel together, talking. I can still see how the morning light looked through the window. It was one of those moments in my life that just took a picture.
* We went to Disneyland when I was pregnant with Olivia. Everybody else (including my beloved) went off to ride the fast rides and have fun, but my Mom stayed with me and K.J. and took things at our pace instead of having a blast on Splash Mountain or something. In fact, she rode 'Small World' something like eight times that trip! What a woman.
* Everyone thinks a lot of my Mom in our community. She has done a lot for a lot of people, and one of my favorite things is being there when she gets stopped by someone who has really been touched by her. It happens at least every couple of months! She is a super example, and then best sounding board in the known world.
* That woman has played more games of Hand and Foot for my husband's sake then anyone should ever be asked to play. And she has some funny quotes in the quote book because of it, too.
* My kids adore her. She has been there for all three of their births, and that means so much to me. Even though I'm a mom now and I realize mom's can't physically protect you from the thunder, the monsters, or the epidural, I still feel so much safer when she is there. 'Cause she's my Mom.

I love you, Mom! Thanks for being born!


Ducksoup said...

she is one of the greatest woman alive. that picture of her speaks chapters to me. looks just like her. i can picture her with that adorable, happy smile right now. and i am thinking of you right now cause you are probably at the christmas party as we speak. well, i think. i don't know what time it started. it's been so long since i've seen you i can hardly wait to see you again.

Jen said...

I like your mom a lot, too. This is a very lovely tribute.

Simmons Family said...

Happy birthday to your mom and also the double b just got extra points in my book for liking hand and foot! That is the best game!