Friday, December 31, 2010

Dear 2010: Thanks for not being 2009. Love, Marie

Happy, Happy New Year!

It's been a good year. A fun year. A growing year.

Here's the part where I make a list:

Highlight of 2010: Of course, the arrival of Katelyn Jill to the family B! We have all loved having her here more then words can say. And bringing a child into the world is the. most. amazing. thing. ever. I could talk about it all day. Amen.

Lowlight of 2010: Being pregnant. I would like to allude to one wretched night when I thought I was giving birth but I really wasn't. Let's just not talk about it.

Most romantic moment of 2010: When the Double B said something wonderful about our family. But that is for me. I just want you to know it happened. So instead, I'll just let you know I love that strange man.

Best part of 2010: Being a Mom. So. stinking. hilarious. Like today while playing pretend when K.J. said (while trying to hold his mouth open) "Doctor, my mouth won't close! Please try to close it!" Or two days ago while lying on the bed when I told Liv to go wash her hands. Her answer: "Mom, I don't need to wash my hands! I washed them yesterday!"

Hardest part of 2010: Even knowing my body doesn't do so well with pregnancy and knowing there would be problems and I could face them with the Lord's help didn't make tests, tests, and more tests and lots of discomfort and painful uncertainty any easier. But this I learned: that the gift of a physical body and health is worth a whole, whole lot. And that I never want someone trying to look at my insides again. They are my guts. Mine. Amen.

Biggest outside-of-family source of joy:

For Marie -- My young women! TEAM BOOK OF MORMON! 18 of my girls read the Book of Mormon in 2 days. 14 of my girls read it again personally. One of the highlights of my life. A great, overwhelming feeling of joy when I think about those amazing young women.

For Ben -- Ward Mission Leader means lots of time with the elders! Makes him feel that spirit of missionary work again, and he loves it. Also, the game of Hand and Foot. And let's not forget GARTH!

For K.J. -- first grade totally rocks, man! Big changes in his life and he is doing amazing with them. Reading so well and comprehension is up. Missing two front teeth. Looks hilarious and adorable.

For Olivia -- Pre-school! And being Mommy's right-hand woman. Also, shopping.

For Katelyn -- that bottle every two hours is soooo delicious. And spitting up, 'cause it's fun.

We are so thankful for many blessings.

It's been a good year. And we're thankful for that, too. Thankful, thankful, thankful! I hope you all have a truly wonderful 2011.


katie said...

Cute picture!! Happy New year :)

Elise said...

Can I just say amen to your title?

Pooh on you, 2009! You were the WORST YEAR EVER.

Ducksoup said...

love your title, so funny. and love the picture of your family and your tree looks beautiful! and i just loved this post.