Thursday, January 6, 2011

It Just Brews And Brews

There are some of the weirdest things in this world, and I'm not going to lie about that.
The only planetary thing I find incredibly weird is creatures that live in the deep ocean. Weird. I just can't even watch that part of 'Planet Earth.' It's just too weird.
Mostly it's the things people do that are so absolutely bizarre to me. I say this after reading a Christmas card that my parents received. It's just so strange. I just can't get over how strange it is. But the crowd of people in it look so happy. So I guess -- live long and prosper. But think about it. Think long and hard, and then don't get back to me with your conclusion, because I do not want to know, quite frankly. It might disrupt my own weirdness.
My parents really taught me to love and honor family, and I am so glad for that. I feel so much love for my aunts and uncles and my great-aunts and great-uncles. Part if that was my Granny-friend, too, she'd take me (and other cousins) with her to visit and go cokin' and all that fun stuff that seems simple but is really great.
Here's the greatest piece of Mothering advice my mother has given me recently: if you cook more, you will learn to enjoy it. I have never really enjoyed the culinary arts (though heaven knows I enjoy partaking), and I expressed this to the madam. She said if I did it more I would like it more. And as I was putting together a casserole for my beloved family to eat whilst I was out teaching a class, I realized I was kind of having fun. And I thought to myself "Wow, Mom, that was really good advice."
Last night the dearly beloved Shawna (of preschool fame) and I went to Zumba for the first time in two weeks. It tried to kill me. I'm not joking. I'm amazed I am able to sit up in this chair to write this account right now.
On Tuesday K.J. was laying on the floor in front of me after school telling me about his day when he got really hesitant and blurted out "Mom, the principal put salt down that we're not supposed to eat, but I... accidentally... ate some snow! Ugh! And now I might get sick! I might get really sick!" I laughed until my sides hurt. He didn't think it was funny. What a trial to have a mother like me!
My Grandma A, who(m?) I loved and adored and still do, had this certain way of looking at me when I was a teenager. I really stressed her out. My hair was short, I was in drama and fully intended to grow up and be an actress (a very scandalous profession), and my best friend was a boy. Sometimes when she'd come down to visit my BFF Brad would come over and then we'd leave and go do something. My parents said afterwards she'd always give them the third degree about it and then they would laugh, because they knew how very much I loved Brad and how very safe our buddyship was. I honestly think I was a small affliction for her, love me though she may. The greatest thing I ever did for her was grow my hair out, get married young, and start a family. That was a great consolation for her. After that, I never got that special look again. I kind of miss it, though. But if I have to go back to being a teenager to get it again, I guess I'll just have to do without. Being a teenager is hard.
Case in point: last night I dreamed I was a teenager again and I couldn't believe the intensity of emotion I felt. Phew! Glad to be on this side when I only feel wild emotion like that in relation to being a baby factory. And that we females cannot do anything about that, despite the hopes and dreams of our significant others.
Thank you for listening to what has been sitting in my head.
The end.


Elise said...

Did you ever see that email that got forwarded around after that big tsunami that had pictures of creepy deep sea creatures? My personal hell. It's like an alien planet down there, and everything is armed.

P.S. There is an ad for my husband's company on your ad banner thing. You shouldn't have! :)

Ducksoup said...

nothing like sitting at my house reading a marie post...makes me not feel so depressed i am no longer on vacation. and i loved the story about sweet little k.j. being a kid is rough in so many ways!

Tink said...

At least you didn't tell KJ he would just have to wait and see if he got sick or died! Like mom's glue story! ;-)

I read Mandie's article. It is really good, it made me cry. Of course, that's not hard to do. I really hope they publish it.