Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Unintentional Media Review

Happy 2011! I am excited for a new year and determined to improve in 2011.

I got to hang out with my F.C. and her cute family last night! Isn't that the coolest?

For Christmas my parents gave me the new book by George W. Bush called 'Decision Points.' I have wanted it, like, real bad and also, like, a lot. I was hoping Santa would give it to me for Christmas. I just love it when Santa does not disappoint! I consumed that thing. It is one of the best autobiographies I have ever read. It was not just fascinating, it was gripping. I give it four stars! Four and a half stars! Four stars and an astrix as well! Whatever your politics are and whatever you think of ol' W as a president, I still think this is a book that would appeal to most people. His was a presidency fraught ("fraught, I tell you!") with decisions. And he made them. Which is why some love him and some hate him. Hence, 'Decision Points.' I just couldn't say enough good things about that book. It was so very interesting. But I will admit, I am a nerd. I love autobiographies and biographies and personal accounts and all that stuff. I just think people are so fascinating. And I don't hesitate to say this is the best autobiography I've ever read.

And you know I don't belong to a political party (just thought I'd throw that in there).
The Double B does -- he even has a card and everything -- but I love him anyway. I'm just all magnanimous like that.

I also just finished 'Surround Yourself With Greatness' by Chad Lewis. Let's be clear here, folks: I grew up in a family that really loves football. But I am quite passive towards it. I loved to watch my brothers play, but that is about it. I don't hate it. I don't love it. Even though I'm not a huge fan of the game, I really enjoyed Chad Lewis and his writers voice. He had so many great stories and so many awesome insights to share. Don't you think we learn the most from other people and their experiences? If we are willing to listen. I also recommend that one. One of my goals this year is to use my serious appetite for the written word to expand my horizons. I'm reading the new Betsy Brannon Green that the Double B gave me for Christmas (thank you, Double B), and then I'm on to this fabulous and ginormous book that is going to teach me all about the Jewish faith. I'm pretty excited, too, I've read part of it before and it was fascinating.

My kids were so very thrilled to wake up yesterday morning to more snow! And it was actual snow this time, not snow mixed with ice. They bundled up and had a wonderful time eating it and throwing snowballs at the window and "washing" the window. It was fun to sit at the window with Katelyn and watch them. Those two really crack her up. I can't believe all the precipitation (big word!) we've had this year.
And then this morning I was sitting on my couch at about 9:30 next to my cute baby. It was... quiet. Kaje was back to first grade and Liv was at pre-school for a couple of hours. It was... nice. Ahhh....
I never wanted to be one of those parents spoken of when we sing "And Mom and Dad can hardly wait for school to start again!" And I still say I'm not. I loved having K.J. home. But what I learned is that when you reach a certain point, you need school. 'Cause home is about the most boring place ever when you're 7 and Mom won't let you go outside to play by yourself! He was cute this morning. I could hear him and the Double B cheerfully chattering all morning. I think my honey loves having someone as cheerful and happy to be alive in the a.m. as he is. We all know that's not my strong suit.
But that's okay. I have other strengths.
Like the fact that I have given up all carbonation since December 8th! This is like a superhuman feat for me. It was never caffeine I was addicted to -- I know there are a lot of different schools of thought out there about it, but for me personally -- please note the italics there meaning this only refers to me -- I don't care about it. It was soda pop itself I was addicted to. But I gave it up cold turkey because I was willing to see if it would help me feel better. I'm really amazed by the difference it has made! My goal was to to go until January 8th, but I truly can feel such a big difference. That means my science experiment worked. So I think I'll just lay off it from now on. I was really disappointed this morning when I realized I'd had a root beer float last night, so I did drink some root beer -- I must be honest. It's basically against my religion right now to drink carbonation, so I felt bad. But I truly, truly didn't think about it. So it's a sin of stupidity, really. I have decided to forgive myself and be more watchful in the future.
P.S. I don't care if you drink pop. I'm not telling you not to. I just thought that was an interesting thing, and I'm very proud of myself for doing something that was honestly hard for me to do.
P.P.S. Lemonade is not that good. It's yucky. How something as delicious as a lemon can contribute to something as lousy as lemonade it one of the mysteries of my life.

And finally, I just want to say that I have been listening to two new CD's that I just love. The new Plain White T's (the family B really loves those Plain White T's) and Neon Trees. I have been singing them nonstop for several days now.
My unintentional media review is now done.
Enjoy your day and go do something nice for somebody else!
You are loved. Remember that.


Elise said...

Wow, you read a lot. Good for you! I need to read more. More than other people's blogs.

I am giving you an electronic pat on the back for getting off of the fizz. I had my day when I was hooked on soda,so I totally hear you. It's the fizziness. (And a root beer float HARDLY counts as soda...you can barely feel the carbonation burn.)

And finally, I am absolutely on the side of parents who dread the end of vacation time. I'd much rather have my girls home and picking up MY bad habits, as opposed to some random stranger's bad habits. I cried when school started this morning.

Okay, I'm finally done.

Ducksoup said...

rieser, i am so sorry about the root beer float. dangit, that is all my fault. and i don't love soda cause you know how my mom is about it so i never had it much growing up but i am so proud of you for giving it up. i'm even going to be more careful because now and again i have some and don't think much of it but i'm going to be more like you, you know that. and if i read one book this year it would be amazing. seriously, how do i become you anyway?